After performing for a school fundraiser

After performing for a school fundraiser


Fire Mace and staff

Jason Robo's performances exhibit masculine energy, physical fitness, and martial art movements (kicks/rolls/strikes). Robo has been working out with a 10-lb mace since 2014 and upgraded in 2017 to a 25-lb Quad Mace from Onnit. A machine shop had them threaded for custom wicks from Robo plans to get a dragonstaff inspired four headed wick set for the Quad Mace to better illuminate it during performances and accentuate contact rolls. He performs independently and with Circus of the Elements in Humboldt County.

The 10-lb steel mace permits faster movement. The Quad Mace Onnit has a cast-iron four-faced godhead from the work of visionary painter Alex Grey. A share of the Quad Mace price benefits the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. The Quad Mace can require up to 175-lbs of force depending on the handle grip. The maces also have optional non-fire LEDs which are modified podpoi from Flowtoys.

Robo actually goes running with the maces, performing maneuvers while moving. The mace, also called a gada in Sanskrit, is an ancient weapon. Alexander the Great said the toughest armies he faces were Persian and Indian forces that trained with the gada. The martial art of wielding the gada is known as gada-yuddha. Sultan Murad IV from the Ottoman Empire was the last of the warrior kings and went into battle with a 130-lb gada. It is on display in a museum at Topkapi Palace in Instanbul, Turkey. The god Vishnu carries a gada in one of his four hands.