Here are some random videos and audio recordings of attempts to make humor out of a pretty grim world. No matter how dark, perhaps if we can laugh about it then we can wrap our heads around some solutions and face the music.

Here is my take on Easter, aka zombie Jesus Day.

Some of the best moments in my stand up pursuits that were caught on camera and decent quality.

More Strictly Revolutionary insights, getting better at this, it feels. Talking about a few crude jokes, a police impersonation, and promoting the real over the fake. If you got any insights about life and society that you find infuriating and want to see what I can do with it, let me know.

Some Strictly Revolutionary comedy from Jason Robo. Visiting the San Francisco Bay Area from Humboldt County. Breaking down the hard life of an aspiring comic from chapped lips and wake-up sex to the government shutdown that never was.

A variety of funny and unusual insights on this strange, often grim world we live in, topped off with a positive message on being better to each other. This was a practice run of material developed for my first booked appearance in San Francisco the next night.

My stand-up set at the open mic Sunday nights at Robert Goodman Wines in Arcata. Breaking down my views on the construct we refer to as "the system" and the government shut-down. Capped off with hopes we can resolve our differences through tolerance and consideration.