The DMV Sucks Balls

"Say your name after the tone for DMV callback." DMV sucks balls.

So I registered my truck planned non-operational since it was unclear when it would be repaired. The fee was $19, but was bumped up to a whopping $43 since I missed the registration deadline. As if getting pulled over potentially harassed and lose your vehicle, they have to fine you monetarily and charge 226% or so what they asked.

So on top of that suck, today I find out that planned non-operation is pointless unless you register like that all year. Otherwise your vehicle has a "birthday" according to the DMV employee I spoke with on the phone. This is the date when you are supposed to renew. When you register it as "operational" the fees are the same as you would pay for the entire year. So instead of saving money I am spending more and have to visit the DMV twice.

I had it registered as planned non-operational for nearly three months. Now I can make the half-hour trek each way to the DMV or pay an extra $25 on top of this wasteful endeavor to an old lady who will save me the trouble. 

Jordan Maxwell breaks down some interesting knowledge about vehicle registration here. How the tag on your plates says "for official use only" and how you don't own the vehicle and have to check it in with the state once a year. Look up more of this guys stuff, pretty mind-blowing.