1 in 3 people on file with FBI and police arrest somebody every two seconds!

Land of the free or home of the slave. The latter more so if you are into doublespeak with proof that FBI crime stats show an average of an arrest every two seconds and also the US has 5% of the world 's population and a quarter of the prisoners!

The link below sources an epic Wall Street Journal article "For More Teens, Arrests by Police Replace School Discipline" on school students being arrested for trivial and nonsensical "crimes": "children in schools systems across the U.S. are being arrested or turned over to police custody for doing things that children have always done since the beginning of time. Things such as wearing too much perfume, sharing a classmates’ chicken nuggets, throwing an eraser or chewing gum."

The author of the article below points out how the corporate elite are exempt from this type of Zero-Tolerance bullshit. Also relevant is how lives are ruined by the Injustice System, "of Chicago public schools by a University of Texas and a Harvard researcher found the high-school graduation rate for children with arrest records was 26%, compared with 64% for those without".

Land of the Free – 1 in 3 Americans Are on File with the FBI in the U.S. Police State