The dynamic between fighting wildfires and ganja growing

The job a firefighter in my neck of the woods is not so cut and dry. You cannot generalize every scene the firefighters will stumble upon, whether paranoid and illegal polluting cannabis grows or mellow organic and legal ones. I am pretty sure people would care about their livelihood, whatever it is, threatened by fires. You can't roundup plants like cattle either. Even if it were legalized it is still a cash crop needing to be tended to and not likely to be covered by insurance due to bogus federal illegality. Just watch the documentary Grass narrated by Woody Harrelson if you have an it's-illegal-to-hell-with-them attitude. I think office space is a growhouse for morons on a corny nutrient line with fluorescent light ballasts, or as the indigenous have referred to the Western World as the "termite people."