Utah: "Comply or die is not the law," protests against police shooting civilians

Since 2010 only one person in 43 were found to have had a non-justified death at the hands of police. That one person is Danielle Willard, who was shot and killed in 2012 by a West Valley City officer who has since been charged with [second-degree] manslaughter. The officer is being defended by a former judge, Paul Cassell. Cassell is also a University of Utah law professor. One benefit of a retired judge, is they can still judge part-time and confer with other judges during lunch who may be taking cases Cassell takes on as a lawyer. Willard's family will have one hell of an uphill battle if that is the case.

Cassell claims he joined the case because "of my concern that a guilty verdict in this case will jeopardize the safety of the community by making police officers fearful of defending themselves against criminals who are themselves threatening deadly force." Sounds like he isn't interested in justice, mainly the idea of protecting the image of police.

The police story for the shooting is that Officer Cowley, feared for his life during a suspected drug deal and stated Willard was driving her Subaru at him and then shot her in the head. I can't imagine this happening outside a Bruce Willis movie. If a vehicle is moving fast enough to graze an officers hip and getting in a head shot.

The article starts:

"Angry and grieving, family members of Utahns killed by police in recent years gathered Saturday in downtown Salt Lake City to denounce a law-enforcement culture that they believe has become authoritarian and overly militarized."

‘Comply or die is not the law’ — Utah police shootings come under fire