Dallas Ebola patient quarantine botched, exposed EMT & ambulance still used

Have any faith in government competency, let alone when threatened by Ebola outbreak? While the government tooted its own horn, an EMT who transported the Dallas Ebola patient came forward to call bullshit. He was not told about the diagnosis of the man and the ambulance was used for two days after being exposed to Ebola. While European nations have banned flights from the epicenter of the outbreak, the US has yet to do so. Many were exposed to infection in Dallas. Here is some of what the EMT had to say:

“Three days after the fact, I had to demand exposure testing and they are reporting following up with all the people in the ambulance??? Bull crap!!! They haven’t even followed up with the ten firefighters that were on duty Sunday.”

“None of them have been contacted. None of the paramedics that were on that shift and went in the ambulance were contacted. I’ve been off three days now. No one contacted me and I was in and drove that ambulance after it was infected.” [Geoffrey] Aklinski adds.

 Dallas Paramedic Slams Health Officials; Was Not Informed Of Ebola Diagnosis; Drove Contaminated Ambulance For 2 Days