Ohio: Police threaten throwing mans daughter into CPS briar patch over ID

Translation, I will get my little corkscrew pig dick so stuck in your ass you will need a crowbar to remove me from your life. See this article on pigs and their corkscrew penis. They threaten to put a two-week kid in Child Protective Services. The police chief said the point made by the officer to put the child into CPS custody should not be viewed as a "threat." Then what was the point in saying something like that!?

They gave two different reasons for pulling them over and brought in a police dog. They said it was for a supposed expired license, but the driver presented a valid license. Then it was for not having headlights on in broad daylight. They also said the passenger looks like a suspect as they try to force him to ID himself. Another apparently scripted claim was that the driver appeared "nervous" as if the CPS threat wouldn't make any parent at all stressed. They threatened to send the dog at him with the young child in the vehicle. The police argued the dog hit on the vehicle, indicating something. The regular bullshit about obstructing justice or an investigation after everything they investigated was proven to be false. This guys girlfriend freaked out at the prospect of losing her child and got out of the vehicle so they could search it. There was nothing reportedly found in the vehicle. Except a new slave to throw through the prison industrial slave complex.