Tweaker robber gets victim's house raided by police and killed

A tip from a drug addict, tweaker no less, but we can't get police to do anything about the fascist elite who ruin the planet and people's lives. This is such a sketchy tweaker story, unbelievable they killed this guy who was robbed and had a security clearance for his job.

"The search warrant to raid Hooks’ home came about after a local meth addict named Rodney Garrett came onto the property two nights earlier and stole one of Hooks’ vehicles. Garrett claimed that before he stole the vehicle, he broke into another vehicle on the property and stole a plastic bag. Garrett claimed he thought the bag contained money, but when he later examined it and discovered it contained 20 grams of meth and a digital scale, he “became scared for his safety” and turned himself in to the sheriff’s office."

Meet 59-year-old David Hooks, the latest drug raid fatality