Family of man killed over BB gun in Walmart files suit

As I covered before in Police kill man and bystander over BB gun, the 22-year old John Crawford was shot by police responding to calls from a customer concerned he was some kind of shooter. Walmart video proves the police report was not an honest account of what really happened. A grand Jury failed to indict the officers for any wrongdoing, as usual. So the family is suing Walmart for the BB gun, a realistic replica of an AR-15, which was unpackaged and on a store shelf for a couple days. I think there may be shared responsibility between Walmart and the police, but that the police should bear the brunt of the liability. The suit is only asking for only $75,000 and I would bet there is an out of court settlement for a child being bombarded by bullets. Not much considering an old white couple got a million dollars from Bank of America for being bombarded with Robo-calls over four years. I think that is a pretty stark black-and-white contrast there.

Family members of other victims of police shootings have rallied with the family.

Family of John Crawford files wrongful death suit against police, Walmart