Jail to stops releasing crazy, angry, broke, out-of-area people in dead of night

A slight modification in the unreasonable police state protocol at the Humboldt County Jail. Of course it took community outrage with a resulting murder to do anything about this insanity. 

After paradoxically being arrested without explanation for a concealed weapon charge when I reported being attacked by a crazy hitchhiker, I was released in Eureka, given a check for my roughly $50 with my wallet and bicycle in McKinleyville at the end of the business day no less. I was pissed off on multiple levels. The charges were eventually dropped when I attempted to have a trial but it was a miserable experience with five days in jail, since it included a weekend. My dismissal took months of hearings, getting up early, stressing when the bus was late worrying if I missed it and then would have a warrant for my arrest. 

With this kind of magical treatment it is no surprise when they release somebody mentally imbalanced in the middle of the night , far from home with a "prisoners trust check" that it is a massive disservice to the community resulting in more crime. What a good way to subsidize justification for the police state. Corrections, sure. 

My story has more ridiculousness than summed up here but that will have to be another post entirely. 

                        No More Late Night Jail Releases, Says Grand Jury