College Inc, the industrial debt slavery of higher ed documentary

I have already seen this and it does and excellent job at breaking down this scandalous nature of the exploitation of college students. When I was involved in student government I began to research the nature of student loans. I was particularly troubled with the combination of escalating costs of tuition, administration, inflation and the subsidizing of student debt. Within months a scandal broke out with Sallie Mae. I got a message from a professor noting that I called it. I also find it infuriating that there has to be a new book every semester. What the hell did these professors go to school for? To read from a manual with the answers? Doesn't 2+2 still equal 4?

There are tons of promises to get good jobs with a degree but some are now suing their schools as unemployed grads. Here is an article on that:

A Bunch of Young Lawyers are Suing Their Law Schools Because They Don't Have Jobs