Cop tases kid into critical coma over traffic violation

Seems witnesses, as usual, have a different version of reality than what the officer claims. This kid, whose window apparently was broken, wouldn't roll down his window and inexplicably struggled with the cop. He was reported to have an outstanding traffic violation. 

Bystanders report this 17-year old kid Bryce Masters, whose dad is a cop, knew better than to provoke an officer as is claimed by the police. After the psycho-pig yelled "you want to mess with me" Masters was tasered and dragged out of the vehicle. "The cop put his foot on his back and moved it back and forth like he was putting a cigarette out and asked him, 'are you ready to get up now?' You could tell the kid was going into convulsions," witness Michelle Baker said.

The article then states "Witnesses who saw the whole thing happen say they watched Masters die and then come back to life after emergency crews resuscitated him."

Police are liars by default since their version of reality is held higher in value than normal people, especially the victims of police brutality and witnesses who contradict the rationalized police report. In an interesting twist the name of the town where this happened is Independence. You are free to be tasered and die as we tell you!

Teen critically injured after police use stun gun on him

I was arrested for a concealed weapon charge after a dumb pig named Hicks of all things responded to my report of being attacked by a hitchhiker biking. This moron pulled me over, treated me like the criminal I reported, ripped my knife off the right side of my belt, brought me to jail with no reading of rights or telling me the charges.

I found out later about the concealed weapon charge, spent 8 days in jail and later saw in the police report he claimed it was in shoved in my butt crack and that my short cut leather jacket was an over-sized coat that concealed it. Pretty much a load of crap since when I am hunched over my bike my lower back was exposed. The charges were eventually dismissed after numerous mandatory hearings. I had many witnesses from that evening and knew that I never wear my knife like that.