Partisan BS is divide and conquer strategy

This is my response to an article on Reddit, How the GOP stopped caring about you:

Virtually none of either party care about any of us, these partisan articles are pretty stupid. For instance, the Young Turks break down how members of Congress can't even eat a normal lunch since they are obligated to raise money like whores from their corporate elite pimps by doing their dirty work. This commentary arose from Seth Rogan testifying before a virtually absent committee: 

"Actor Seth Rogen brought comedy to the distinctly unfunny subject of Alzheimer's at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing Wednesday on the disease. "Yes, I am aware that this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana," Rogen said after thanking the senators "for the opportunity for me to be called an 'expert' at something."

The GOP is just the bad side in a soap opera only if you want to pretend you enjoy freedom. Vice Versa if you want to pretend you only care about big business. Everyone has the same core desires and needs and it is a shame we are pitted against each other in an elusive duopoly.

Bill Hicks said it best "I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking": 

A Bill Hicks bit on politics that is as relevant now as when he delivered it.

Huey Long, the assassinated governor of Louisiana also put it great. Look this guy up if you haven't heard of him. The movie All The Kings Men was based on his character but I believe the crisis he rode a political wave on was the perceived deliberate flooding of poor neighborhoods to save rich white elite property in New Orleans: 

"The rich fat cats that are drowning you will do it again and again and again. They lead you into imperialist wars for profit, they take away your schools and your hope and when you complain, they blame Blacks and Jews and immigrants. Then they push your kids under. I say, Kick'm in the ass and take your rightful share!"

Bush Strafes New Orleans Where is our Huey Long? [Greg Palast]