OKC Bombing Inquiry Judge: FBI told to probe themselves!?

Another classic example of the very structure itself of investigations into injustice being undermining by nature. These court proceedings regard possible witness intimidation of a whistleblower who reportedly would have testified that the FBI did not turn in all the video it had of that dreadful day when the Federal Alfred P. Murrah Building was bombed on April 19th, 1995.

The government version of events claims McVeigh acted alone, a lone gunman of sorts. Initial reports in the media were of explosive charges found in the building suggesting a controlled demolition causing most of the damage and that there was another man working with McVeigh. 

The witness, a former FBI employee, would have testified that all the video evidence was not fulfilled, as required by a public records request. John Matthews, the former agent, has terminal cancer and it is believed he was threatened with a loss of health benefits if he testified. Lawyer Jesse Trentadue, who initiated these proceedings, had Matthews as a witness and claims he was told to get a case of the "I don't remembers." The FBI claims Matthews contacted them to try and get out of testifying. Hmmmm. 

Trentadue's motivation in all this is his brother was interrogated as McVeigh's accomplice and was found hanged in his cell. Trentadue believes he was suicided, or something like that, in order to cover-up the initial search for the accomplice the official story claims never existed. In the documentary OKC: What Really Happened there is footage of these reports in the news, contradictory witness reports and claims of a veteran explosives expert that the official story of OKC Bombing is a sham. Also unusual are claims many employees did not show up to work that day. 

If there is a cover-up in the FBI then they are the last ones to be conducting this inquiry. It will likely come out like the Warren or 9/11 Commissions, a half-ass investigation full of omissions and mediocre conclusions. I am including some documentaries below. 

Judge to FBI: Go Probe Yourself on OKC Bombing

OKC: What Really Happened

Overview of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing case created by State Representative Charles Key. This important film takes a look at the major issues regarding the cover-up by the Clinton Administation, FBI and Justice Department. Includes eyewitness testimonies, evidence of other bombs found and prior knowledge of the attack.

Here is a review on OKC: A Noble Lie

Alex Jones reviews a new documentary film about the total cover-up of the 1995 Oklahoma city bombing. http://www.infowars.com/ http://www.prisonplanet.tv/