Whistleblower: CDC covered up adverse effects of vaccines

Testimony of a former CDC employee turned whistleblower led to this revelation. There was a 340% increase of autism in African-American children given the MMR vaccine. This cover-up haunted the whilstleblower, William W. Thompson, PhD, former Senior Scientist with the CDC. Thompson testified to Congress, check the videos below. He implicates many including the head of the CDC at the time.

The article below goes into the aspects of eugenics conspiracys that have sought to cull the black population. There have been previous documented campaigns to sterilize various groups in America and beyond. So to fix the numbers African-Americans were omitted from the studies results. There is a lot of money behind these studies to protect Big Pharma's Pharm-Animal construct. 

You are better off taking care of your health and not trusting the government. Putting something in your bloodstream is insane. 

CDC caught in scientific fraud, perpetrating vaccine violence against blacks in shocking eugenics cover-up

There is a new whistleblower on the autism forefront. Dr Brian Hooker from the Focus Autism Foundation says he has a source INSIDE the CDC. Hooker utilized the Freedom of Information Act to ask for data about a recent autism study. That's when he says the unnamed whistleblower broke down and reached out to him.