Eureka, Ca police shooting victim's family gets a voice

The Death of Tommy McClain: What Happened in Wednesday’s Officer-Involved Shooting

It is good to see the human side of this, not the police state version. Too often is it impossible for the victim and their family to have their side in the public eye. The police only release minute tidbits of information, careful to never imply any guilt or wrongdoing. Their version is the dominant perspective given to the public.

I wouldn't say that all police are the scum of the earth but I do think that the unnatural construct of police and their power over normal people creates a societal macro-Lucifer Effect, as Philip Zimbardo called it. It is like volunteering for that Stanford Prison Experiment only if you could be a guard.

I have a slew of police brutality articles in my blog at . You can always just look up police brutality in YouTube. Most often police are absolved of any crime, by themselves of course. Anyone who has seen a police report from an incident they were involved in is keen to the standard operating procedure of lying to make charges stick, good for job security, eh? 

I think audio/video recording should be mandatory on all cruisers and officers to ensure they do not abuse authority. And they should not be able to turn them off like this New Orleans police officer did before shooting a guy in the forehead.

Here is an article with excerpts about a police department that exonerated officers of excessive force but a video revealed complete savagery.

· Soon after the driver was taken into custody, officers were seen going to the passenger side of the car. Then an officer is seen throwing Medina-Resendiz to the ground. Medina-Resendiz was on his side then the officer appears to grab him by the neck and say, “I’m going to Fu$%^@g kick your ass”, while standing over top of Medina-Resendiz.

· Soon after that statement was made, Kaylor comes over and holds Medina-Resendiz’s head down while telling him to stop resisting. Then an officer is heard saying, “let’s shock this mother$%^&r.” An officer is also heard telling Medina-Resendiz, “We’re going to shock your ass.” The officer told Medina-Resendiz several times to put his hands behind his back while they were on top of him. Then the sound of a taser could be heard and Medina-Resendiz screaming in pain.

· After Medina-Resendiz was tased, Officer Kaylor, who is much larger than the Medina-Resendiz laid on top of him. Then the video showed Kaylor punching Medina-Resendiz seven times to the back of his head.


If law enforcement is to stay legitimate short of armored vehicles and assault rifles then they need transparency, civilian (not police) oversight and something like the Peelian Principles to guide them.