Police originated with plantations patrolling slaves

This this a great piece from Russia today featuring Solomon Comissiong, the founder of Your World News. Private police like Pinkertons were used to quell dissent with unions, modernized factory slaves. Great footage of a guy getting shot by a pig just for getting his wallet like he was asked. Interesting instructions on how to deal with police too. Sound slike dealing with bears or something.

Don't Run

Speak in a calm even tone

Don't touch

Maintain eye contact at all times

No sudden movement

Also interviewed  is Hawa Bah, mother of a police shooting victim. Her son was shot in bed by police who said he had a knife. He was sick and waiting for an ambulance and got murdered by storm troopers instead. Here is another instance of the authorities idea of medical assistance, Oklahoma Police Taze Bedridden 86-Year-Old Grandmother For “Aggressive Posture In Her Bed”.