Scotland Yard: Corrupt, drug dealing & highly organized.

This Russia Today article, "‘Endemic corruption’: Rogue ex-Met officers sold ecstasy tablets on the black market" resulted from a 2000 report uncovered by the UK Independent. Three ex-detectives appear to have confiscated tens of thousands of ecstasy pills and sold them on the black market. They were of course "investigated" by their likely corrupt fellow police and then acquitted on all charges. "UK police corruption, the roots of which Met officials themselves have admitted are endemic in Scotland Yard." Surely the investigators are not bad guys...

Even if the investigation meant well it is too much of a PR nightmare in their eyes to serve any semblance of justice. I've heard of similar horseshit internal affairs at a non-profit that was robbed of millions by an employee who was just let go and nothing happened. Don't want to to let your public know that you got jacked and think that you are illegitimate and incompetent. Pretty paradoxical, eh?

No surprise when you consider my previous post about "UK Child porn filter adviser made child porn" and this article I will blog on shortly "‘Too many of them’: Warnings on pedophiles operating in Westminster were ‘ignored’".