Legit Bill Hicks quote picture

I noticed there are too few quotation pictures of Bill Hicks and figured I would throw some of his other great moments into the mix. Most of them are just the same quotes with different images. Enjoy this one and spread it around and look out for more. I will try and make a habit of this with many other comics. Here is the text in case you want a copy of it.

"I'm no bleeding heart, OK? But, when your walking down the streets of New York City and your stepping over a guy on the sidewalk who, I don't know, might be dead, does it ever occur to you to think, “Wow maybe our system doesn't work.” Does that question ever bubble up out of ya? I mean if it was only a couple of bums I'd think well they're fucking bums, but there’s thousands of these fucking guys. I mean I'm running like a bum hurdle down the fucking sidewalk."  
-Bill Hicks