$1,000 bulletproof for blankets to counter school shooters

While education is in the crapper $1,000 literal security blankets can protect children from shooters and debris but not the fallout of garbage education. This also fails to deal with the medically documented evidence that the popular psychiatric medications known as SSRIs are implicated in suicide and extreme violent episodes like school shootings.

Also relevant is the prevalence of these drugs, more than one in ten Americans are on anti-depressants. As with most medications, these drugs are flushed through the system and end up in the water supply. See this Salon article "Your tap water is probably laced with antidepressants." Certainly this twisted dynamic is good for gun control advocates, pharmaceuticals, the police state and pioneering entrepreneurs seeking to make products like the Bodyguard Blanket, by ProTecht and a white board that can serve as a bulletproof shield. The blankets are also being marketed as protection from Tornado debris. I doubt it would help if a support beam or collapsed cinder block wall lands on them or they fly away involuntarily.