Feeding the homeless illegal in Ft. Lauderdale, 90-yr old veteran arrested

A 90-year old veteran was and two priests were cited for defying a recent measure passed to counter the growing numbers of homeless in Fort. Lauderdale Florida. What better to combat homelessness than to kill them with starvation! That will prevent those victims of the housing crisis or mostly drug addicted and mentally ill scumbags from existing! No need for anything logical like actually helping those with human decency who provide services nowhere to be found in the operations of government. The video of the veteran's arrest is below showing police impervious to legitimate ridicule from the crowd.

Arnold Abbott was arrested and is facing up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine for helping to feed the needy in Florida. The veteran has done so for decades, and continues to help the homeless in memory of his late wife who helped him make and share food with the poor.

This new law follows a slew of other laws prohibiting the regular activities of homeless such as panhandling, sleeping on public property, harsher penalties for defecating in public and illegal to keep personal belongings in public areas. The article notes a similar backlash around the country, "A report released by the National Coalition for the Homeless last month found that 21 cities have restricted sharing food with the homeless, and 10 other cities are in the process of doing so."

Good thing American tax money was robbed to pay off the bankers in the housing crisis instead of keeping people housed.