CA Gov. Brown drought strategy: throw money at it

In another clear example of the crap leadership in government, Governor Jerry Brown announced a billion dollars will be used to deal with the drought while doing nothing to fix the problem. The majority of these funds, $700 billion, will pay farm workers to not do farm work. Some funding will go towards enforcement actions leading to micromanaging of peoples shower time, prohibiting water offered in restaurants unless asked and monitoring lawn watering. I think lawns should be illegal, at least before a slew of other ridiculous laws that exist. A victory garden type strategy would do some good and teach people self sufficiency. No actual solutions are in the works in the bureaucracy like making a more efficient farming method than monocrops like permaculture, desalination plants for coastal cities or justice for the aquifers poisoned by fracking. Instead we will be inefficiently importing carrots from China and whatnot to subsidize out failures in leadership and water management.