Good beer tasting notes

Seems to me the strong stuff is more effective and not much different in calories. Light beer is some bullshit pretty much. Check out the chart in the second link to compare! Anyways, bar food is the biggest thing often that contribute to beer gut the article argues. But in a 2,000 calorie diet, if you aren't exercising on top of it and eating greasy bar food, that is where the gut really snowballs. Spread the wisdom.

I just happened to come across this researching my Palo Santo beer by Dogfish Head that is 12% and 360 calories. That is efficiency. During the dark ages when science was witchcraft and our ancestors toiled in their diseased filth beer was life sustaining. I recommend The History of the World in 6 Glasses if you want to know more about beer and other beverages that shaped our civilization as we know call it.

Peace and Hoppiness!