Coca-Cola tricks shamans into using product for healing rituals

Ironically, as this article points out, the Tzotzil people who have started using Coca-Cola for healing rituals, have been known to not tolerate photography and Americans were rumored to deserve death for disturbing their rituals.

Coca-Cola is thought to have healing powers of belching. Back in 1997 The Independent reported these indigenous people “believe a belch expels demons and sickness.” Coca-Cola is desperate to maintain sales in the wave of health consciousness awakening now that people have been thoroughly deprived of nutrition and are vastly unhealthy today with calories coming from crap food.

Thus Coca-Cola is resorting to this kind of treachery to boost sales and even pay of leader in the health market. Coca-Cola and other sodas with mercury laced high-fructose corn syrup is anything but healing with massive amounts of sugars, in an estrogen mimicking and endocrine disrupting BPA-laced containers. These beverages may have cooked and leeched in a trailer so it is no surprise that "Animal tests show that BPA affects reproduction and brain development ... Government tests have found BPA in 95% of people studied." So if you drink soda or get food from BPA containers, knock it off!