Texas Trooper shot fleeing motorcyclist then jumpkicked him off his bike, trooper suspended 5 days w/o pay

In December 2012 25-year old Steven Gaydos ran a stop sign on his motorcycle and went on a high-speed chase with Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper Abraham Martinez. Martinez's camera caught what unfolded on film. Gaydos was fleeing to avoid his vehicle being impounded for driving wit a suspended license, it is unclear for what reason it was suspended. After reaching speeds up to 130 mph Martinez fired four times at Gaydos' allegedly to disable the motorcycle which he assumed was involved in some sort of crime. Gaydos was struck in the leg and pulled over when Martinez jump kicked him off his bike. Martinez's logic as taught by his experience is that running from police involves stolen vehicles which are used by criminals after commuting some other kind of crime.

Apparently assuming some crime then shooting somebody in that ass, or leg, and jumpkicking them does make an ass of oneself in a way, Martinez was suspended for five days without pay for suspended for three days without pay “violating DPS policy by using force inconsistent with his training.”  DPS does reserve the right to shoot at fleeing suspects though, as stated later on.

This is one story that came from an investigation by the  Austin American-Statesman into how  fleeing suspects are handled. If anyone was injured or killed by Martinez it is possible Gaydos would have been charged with it as happened in Florida in this previous post of mine, Police kill innocent bystander, charge suspect with murder.