Ridiculous music sponsored by Jeep?

I was just tripping out over this song by R, Kelly, "You Remind Me of Something." The video below is like a commercial for Jeep. It was unclear to me if R. Kelly got paid by Jeep so if anyone can find the video credits send me a link.

As for the song itself, the chorus is especially ridiculous:

You remind me of something
I just can't think of what it is

You remind me of my jeep, I want to ride it
Something like my sound, I want to pump it
Girl you look just like my cars, I want to wax it
And something like my bank account
I want to spend it, baby

This was well before being known to pee on girls, 1995. Apparently he realized they reminded him of a urinal, he wants to pee on them, Guess it took him some time to figure it out. Previously R Kelly was singing about his bitches being like Jeeps, sound, cars and bank accounts. I can't comprehend comparing a lady to a Jeep to ride, a speaker to molest, car waxing (I'd bet he pays others to wax his baller-mobiles) and bank accounts to spend (unless he is in human trafficking!). In the video he is singing this to his entourage of Jeep followers, sometimes on his cell phone with groups of people (which seems kinda rude, especially with other bitches around him. Why the hell do they care about what his other bitches remind him off?

Expect a remix of this goofy song from yours truly. I'd rather make it something about a girl reminding me of something I can't stand, like stupid Americans or dolled up fake whores.

Music video by R. Kelly performing You Remind Me Of Something. (C) 1995 Zomba Recording LLC

The medi-kill system

Recently my friend went to the Emergency Room (instead of the now closed Urgent Care) for a sore throat that seemed to get worse. I bet just having to go into "emergency" mode has psychological implications. Nonetheless, the experience she had is a testament to this sick-care system.

Leaving for the ER around 10 AM, she did not return home until 4 PM. In the waiting room she noticed somebody with flu-like symptoms outside smoking cigarettes and drinking a Monster soda, I am hesitant to call it an energy drink since I think the term is a load of crap. Unhealthy moronic monsters like this are clogging up the sick-care industry. If there were more healthy people then maybe we would have a health care system. Profits are the reason-to-be for corporations, thus the more poor sick bastards in existence the more profits will soar.

Back to my friend, she was tested for strep throat, via throat swab, which came back negative. Sometimes the test results are wrong. Instead of the usual tactic of throwing-a-slew-of-antibiotics at whatever it was, she was given a prescription strength 4% Lidocaine gargle to numb the pain and let the infection or virus run its course. If it got worse they recommended she return.

Getting that soothing gargle was not easy. She went to a Walgreens nearby where unfortunately the pharmacist was on a lunch break from 1:30 to 2 pm. Arriving at about 1:45 she killed time wandering the store until at nearly quarter past 2 she was told they did not have the 4% only the 2% Lidocaine, which would take at least half an hour to get it in. She asked for her prescription back and the pharma-cyst asked her incomprehensibly, "Don't you have some shopping to do?" The so-called pharmacy sells pretty much unhealthy products processed and carcinogenic. This potential shopper buys organic and eats vegan so there really isn't much they could do for her asides the medicine she needed. Though buying cheap crap reliant on sweatshops and poisoning the environment in China would be good for Walgreens financial health.

After she was thoroughly exasperated and resigned to just dealing with the pain of a sore throat, she stopped in a nearby CVS that could fill her prescription. hey also had a lunch break and it took an hour there to get the medicine.

The doctor gave her a note to have the night off of work from a smoke-filled casino. She ended playing that card since at the end of it she hadn't eaten nor had enough time to get ready for work. Nearly a quarter of a day to just know she doesn't have strep throat and expose herself to all the sick folks that want to see the few doctors available.

Meanwhile, sheeple student hordes will flock to degrees in medicine, but mostly hospital administration to handle the ever increasing hordes of paperwork medical professionals are legally bound to do, forcing many doctors into retirement. Most so-called research in scientific fields is funded by grants from corporate sponsors, university medical programs flooded with corporate funding and the FDA (occupied by the revolving door dynamic of drug industry douchebags....).

Since this whole construct of medicine has been hijacked by special, as in retarded, interests, it will never cure or solve anything. That is like a restaurant wanting to eradicate hunger, it doesn't make sense to business profiteers. Point is we do not need to "occupy" but displace the medi-kill sector with something noble and uncorrupted. Something not driven by cutting people open or prescription dangers and dependence on doctors. Healthcare, rather than the sick-care we have today. Just going into a hospital can kill you with iatrogenic illness, one of the leading causes of death nowadays, dying from mistakes or super-infections that evolve in the not-so-sterile corridors of the ill. No wonder insurance is a bitch. Especially since the healthy are penalized as a result and administrative costs on the rise.

What really pisses me off is the unhealthy existence rubber-stamped and not questioned. So much illness is basically a hodgepodge of poor indoor and outdoor air quality, crap food and drink, lack of exercise, stress, toxic products and laziness. Until these factors are addressed the problems with human health will exponentially increase. Meanwhile scientific findings are altered in monitoring environmental health to protect big business and undermine the protective responsibility of government bureaucracy.

While illness increases medical emergencies continue to be a leading cause of bankruptcy. If you are not seen as worth the cost or effort you could be one of 130,000 poor elderly souls death-sentenced by the UK annually. Recent healthcare requirements amount to a bailout for the insurance industry and does not deal with preventative care, or skyrocketing costs. In a recent article on outrageous hospital costs charging $500 per stitch for exaple:

Glenn Melnick, a professor of health economics at the University of Southern California. “How do hospitals set prices? They set prices to maximize revenue, and they raise prices as much as they can — all the research supports that.”

This type of system is a guilty of default malpractice so long as it is financially exploitative, refuses to recognize causative relationships in the interwoven corporate hierarchy of corruption-pollution, and the war on drugs persists which blocks effective competition to the medi-kill system. Take care of yourself for your sake and us all...

What is Strictly Revolutionary?

 Strictly Revolutionary: this is my strategy at living a decent life to counteract all the tyrannical injustices that I have learned about in my studies. To me, strictly revolutionary is a state of mind, a way of life and a constant challenge to attempt. The term originally occurred to me around 2006 when first attending Humboldt State University for political science and a heaping dose of activism. When it comes to DJ names, it certainly works pertaining to RPMs, revolutions per minute. In terms of turning the tables, another type of revolution. The world turns, and so on. A revolution can be possible in a variety of ways and strategies. That is why I seek to do so in every medium available to me: stand-up comedy, skits, freestyle, poetry, hip-hop, podcasting, documentary making, radio, TV and visually. Hope my efforts are of worth.

As the phrase goes, "be the change you want to see in the world." There are a multitude of relevant philosophical adages. Some are biblical as in Luke 6:13, "Do to others as you would have them do to you." If only more people could represent this, we would all be significantly happier. I certainly do not find these sayings logically translate to oppression, brutality, genocide and hatred. Somebody might not be empathetic to "towel heads" and extrapolate that they want to get blown to bits by drones of cowardice. When realizing the interconnected fabric of our world and how our actions resonate then we are all in the same boat, on a lot of common ground. I want to make clear that conflict and confrontation are not inconsistent with this line of thought. If I am doing something seen as ridiculous then let me know, whether it is something conflicting with my objectives or having my fly down. I try to think about every action I take, and by doing so cannot as readily contribute to something I see as wrong and dishonorable. 

Once your perpetual analysis is fully integrated, then a new way of life can emerge. When I got my community college degree in 2006, a new world opened up to me after studying political science. Instead of buying the prescribed history book I used Howard Zinn's "A Peoples History of the United States" and passed the two part class. I no longer wanted to 'brand' myself like some cattle to be an advertising consumer of sweatshop garments from Perry Ellis, Guess, Nautica or Ecko. My first revolutionary clothing was the classic iconic Che Guevara t-shirt. I learned more about the chemicals, sweatshops and cotton subsidies. As a result I started seeking organic, fair trade and alternative fabric like hemp, bamboo and flax. Similar issues arose in every facet of existence, focusing on local, organic, wholesome foods, rather than distantly processed chemical garbage. Part of the Strictly Revolutionary idea is focusing on a diet of all aspects of life: material, visual, audible, mental and so forth. That is why I think all aspects of our lives should be rooted and self-reliant locally in respect to politics, governance and products.

Living Strictly Revolutionarily is not easy. But as with muscle tissue, it must be exercised to make it strong. No pain, no gain. If we become atrophied mentally and otherwise and comfortable with our heads in the sand, then it is easy to be oblivious to threats. Einstein once reportedly said, "Imagination is more valuable than knowledge." No matter how much one knows, all it does is extend the circumference of uncertainty. If we cannot imagine anything other than what is generally accepted, then lies and half-truths may become generally accepted as reality. Perhaps this is an aspect of flexibility that is needed perceptually to think outside the box. By staying aware and imaginative, shortcomings and improvements become apparent. For instance, my unusual revelations when trying to eat vegan and discovering my organic agave nectar is flavored with beaver glands. Gotta roll with the punches, however infuriating.

I don't think that I am perfect, that is a lofty and unrealistic goal. Perhaps this is consistent with beliefs that people are supposedly born with sin. I am only human, I am flawed. Accepting this allows for the self-reflection Socrates spoke of when he said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." My mission is to bring forth some of my ponderings in this examination to the table. I have done a lot of impulsive and passionate things in desperate activist attempts to remedy the wrongs that I have learned of. All I can do is look back at international news coverage, charges I fought and defeated, however somewhat Pyrrhic victories. My hope is the experiences I have had and my current multimedia blitzkrieg will be more successful than my past pursuits. Continuous self-improvement for oneself is necessary to live, Strictly Revolutionary. 

Jason Robo

Breaking the tip of the iceberg

Hey there all sorts of friends, allies, former roommates, former classmates, online acquaintances and so on,

I just wanted to share my work with this new website, strictlyrevolutionary.com, my showcase/portfolio of all my activities, past and present. Lately I have been dabbling in stand-up comedy and hope to break some new ground with some hip-hop soon. Recently I performed my first booked gig in the SF bay area, you can find the video on the front page and more under the comedy link.

My mission is to break down the things I've learned, however grim, but try to do so humorously and end on a positive note every time. Fair warning, my work uses crude humor and it was hard to sift through hundreds of contacts to select everyone in this list, so you've been warned. I may not have always been the most personable or had the best approach, but nobody knows what to do about the mountains of terrible things we are bludgeoned with by the lamestream media every day. You can't please everyone either. So here is my latest approach.

Upcoming ASAP will be some hip-hop remixes performed live, hopefully some produced music videos, complete summaries of my legal trials and tribulations (with sourcing and evidence) and some blogging, even podcasts breaking down an alternative media perspective. I have done some extensive research into the radical truths, the root origins of issues, rather than focus on leaves and twigs.

Please join me in this journey and please send any suggestions my way. Wish me luck in waging and online multimedia blitzkrieg in the interests of justice and to undermine tyranny of the mind, soul and body. The site will expand from here and benefits from any involvement you'd like to have in it.

Best of luck to you in life,

Jason Robo