San Bernadino Shooting America in the Foot

Unlike a slew of nitwits who assumed facts on the recent shooting in San Bernadino I have been waiting for some facts to surface before speaking up. It turns out that Muslim jihadists were to blame, not crazy white men as many gun control advocates jumped to believe. Additionally these folks were being watched by the FBI? Stellar monitoring skills, clearly.

Apparently the shooting coincided at a place where active shooter scenario drills have been performed monthly for some time. According to the LA Times when a women saw the activity durig the shooting she texted "Drill started." Also, the Washington Times reported the couple behind the shooting recently travelled to Saudi Arabia and were meeting with four others in the US who were watched by counterterrorism officials.

So despite the virtual obliteration of privacy and surveillance on America this attack happened. So what is the point if it results in a complete failure?

More gun control will not solve the issue as the guns were obtained llegally to boot. Two amendments on expanded background checks applying to guns in private sales and online purchases failed to pass in the Senate. The White House is considering an Executive Order to bypass Congressional approval. In the clip below a reporter asked if stricter gun control would have prevented the shooting and White House press secretary Josh Earnest replied, “Of course not.”

Something stinks. Like the visa process the shooter Tashfeen Malik went through giving a fake address and previously declaring loyalty to IS on Facebook. The State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau replies to a reporter in the video below that she is satisfied with the their work. Perhaps the point of the terrorist watchlist is to watch them perform acts of terror? Then strip Americans of more rights each time.

Great job invading Iraq on false pretenses and facilitating this virulent strain of Al-Qaeda. Without ISIS a flesh eating parasite would not be able to fluorish from dumping all the bodies in the street. Nor would the military industrial complex be able to thrive and the dimishing of security and privacy fo all.

Texas Trooper shot fleeing motorcyclist then jumpkicked him off his bike, trooper suspended 5 days w/o pay

In December 2012 25-year old Steven Gaydos ran a stop sign on his motorcycle and went on a high-speed chase with Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper Abraham Martinez. Martinez's camera caught what unfolded on film. Gaydos was fleeing to avoid his vehicle being impounded for driving wit a suspended license, it is unclear for what reason it was suspended. After reaching speeds up to 130 mph Martinez fired four times at Gaydos' allegedly to disable the motorcycle which he assumed was involved in some sort of crime. Gaydos was struck in the leg and pulled over when Martinez jump kicked him off his bike. Martinez's logic as taught by his experience is that running from police involves stolen vehicles which are used by criminals after commuting some other kind of crime.

Apparently assuming some crime then shooting somebody in that ass, or leg, and jumpkicking them does make an ass of oneself in a way, Martinez was suspended for five days without pay for suspended for three days without pay “violating DPS policy by using force inconsistent with his training.”  DPS does reserve the right to shoot at fleeing suspects though, as stated later on.

This is one story that came from an investigation by the  Austin American-Statesman into how  fleeing suspects are handled. If anyone was injured or killed by Martinez it is possible Gaydos would have been charged with it as happened in Florida in this previous post of mine, Police kill innocent bystander, charge suspect with murder.

Prosecutors drop charges rather than expose spy tool in armed robbery trial

This article from RT simply states "An officer with the St. Louis Police Department’s Intelligence Unit had been scheduled to deliver a deposition under oath on April 9 concerning tactics that authorities relied on to identify and ultimately charge four suspects with 14 counts of first-degree robbery and armed criminal action regarding a 2013 crime spree." That is until the sudden dismissal of charges. Three of four involved in this case were set to go to trial, while one defendant already .

Of course publicly the prosecution denies a link but fails to give a justification. The Stingray is a spying device used to simulate cell-towers to track individuals. The Baltimore Sun was able to discover that SLPD was told not to “distribute, disseminate or otherwise disclose any information” without expressed written approval of the FBI. Apparently letting armed robbers go free is worth more than revealing the nature of these Stingray devices to the public.

Freddie's dead and the Gray area of racist legacies; homicide charges for BPD

Baltimore's police department homicide victim Freddie Grey had a lengthy criminal record of mostly non-violent crime before being murdered by them. I see only a second-degree assault charge on his rap sheet. The altercation leading to his death appears to have no just cause, only citing illegal possession of a switchblade. Unless he was walking around playing with it, the switchblade could have been planted on him too, then he was likely being harassed by police he had a history with. Time will tell if any justice is to follow the announcement of homicide charges being filed against officers involved. Regardless, breaking a man's spine, lying that he walked fine though he was clearly injured and screaming in pain, then not calling medics for 42 minutes, there is no excuse for this behavior by anyone, especially in authority..

It is tragic the legacy of racism creates crime rich ethnic areas with no opportunity. It is the epitome of "the man" keeping people down. Instead of slaves, today many African-American's are slaves to a welfare system, constant monitoring by social services, police patrols and ultimately sadistic babysitters while kept in cages. It has already been clear that the crack epidemic was in part a CIA operation, revelations chronicled in the recent biographical Hollywood portrayal of Gary Webb, "Kill the Messenger."

What a great follow up to the civil rights movement. After a long history of oppression, any thoughtful student of history can see a constantly morphing tendency of self-fulfilling prophecy aimed at justifying the misfortunes of black folks in America.

It is no surprise to see the massive demonstrations, mostly non-violent, that follow this outrageous result of police activity. Whether those acting violently or destroying property are provocateurs or not is one question. Regardless there is certainly some righteous violence that can result from the continuous violent oppression of people. Franz Fanon believed that acts of violence are necessary to overcome the multi-generational psychological baggage of such a colonial history. Fanon's insights foresaw decades of disaster in Africa that followed after his writings. Here is a bit on such views from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

Les Damnés de la Terre is a more abstract analysis of colonialism and revolution.  It has been described as a handbook for black revolution.  The book ranges over the necessary role Fanon thinks violence must play in decolonization struggles, the false paths decolonizing nations take when they entrust their eventual freedom to negotiations between a native elite class and the formers colonizers instead of mobilizing the masses as a popular fighting force, the need to recreate a national culture through a revolutionary arts and literature movement, and an inventory of the psychiatric disorders that colonial repression unleashes.

If corrupt killer cops being strung up as human pinatas is needed to offset such a terrible history, it would not even come close to the live slow centuries of slavery with BBQing of black men to lynching and suffering at the hands of police African-Americans today. Without an interwoven fabric of oppression the system of inequity could not persist. Misfortune, however contrived, helps promote momentum for the system as it exists. A global crabs-in-the-bucket of not-so free markets, relying on slavery and environmental exploitation. Ignorance, inequality and dehumanization are major factors that need to be addressed to turn the tide against such evils. In the meantime keep the cameras handy, that is one way we can shoot police that may be fatal to their ingrained system of injustice, cruelty and sadism.

Woman who miscarried given 20 years for feticide charge

In the first case of its kind, Purvi Patel is the first to have been convicted of feticide. Even stranger she is charged with neglect, for a dead baby.

She claims to have miscarried and disposed of the aborted two-month old fetus before heading to the hospital. She did not want her conservative parents to find out. That incognito strategy seems to have failed.

The state claims it was an intentional miscarriage despite having no evidence of alleged drugs used to do so. The feticide law has been used to charge a lady who fell down stairs and another who delayed a Cesarean. I guess emptying a womb can be used for an excuse to fill a jail cell.

Government agents investigating Silk Road caught stealing bitcoins

Here is a classic news story of the police being criminals. The investigation is under way.

Source: March 30, 2015 - Federal Agents responsible for investigating Silk Road are charged with stealing bitcoins from the illegal site. "48 Hours" correspondent Michele Sigona reports. PigmineNews on Facebook: PigmineNews on Twitter: PigMine2 on YouTube: FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual, Corrupt or Coincidence

This rather lengthy article, "The Case Against Rahm," chronicles a well-sourced history of apparently quite corrupt actions under the administration of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Rahm and his friends have been lining their pockets with public money while doing a crap job at whatever service they are supposed to provide for the city. The recipients reciprocate by stuffing cash into Emanuel's campaign funds.

Magic Johnson has a cleaning company with an $80 million contract, pretty funny coming from a guy who got AIDS,  and no surprise the schools are disgusting. The company gave to a summer jobs program and tax write-off $10 million and donated a quarter million dollars to Rahm's campaign.

Another somewhat clear political circle-jerk is seen in the management of the cities billion of dollars in pensions. Managers of one firm have given a half million dollars to Rahm's campaign efforts. This breaks Rahm's own rule against taking money from city contractors and the Securities and Exchange Commission rules against bribing public officials.

Why stop at pensions? The Chicago Public School system is over a billion dollars in the hole and a $20 million no-bid contract was given for the purpose of helping school principals. One board member of CPS appointed by Rahm tripled their CPS contracts with companies they own. One board member started discounting bills to less than $25,000, the ceiling at which board approval is needed. Shady?

There are a few other examples of poor manage but I will skip to Rahm's reduction of the police force budget by $190 million, a 25% reduction in detectives and the resulting massive drop in solved cases from 70% in 1991 to 30% today.


NV: $200 ticket and points on driving record for using lip balm

As part of a ridiculous crackdown on distracted driving in Nevada in pursuit of zero driving fatalaties, they are giving tickets out for doing anything it seems other than driving. I guess you can't change the radio station, put on sunglasses, adjust your visor, pick your nose, etc if you run into the wrong officer. The Nevada Highway Patrolman cited Stephanie Fragoso on April Fools' day for putting on makeup and said "'It could have been anything; you could have been drinking water, shaving your legs."

Portugal cuts drug addiction in half with community not criminalization

I always thought it paradoxical to make it legal to abuse drug abusers with prison sentences. Nobody believes that "correctional" facilities are correcting anything. Quite the opposite. Can you imagine doing well after being abducted and housed in a place where compassion is considered a weakness surrounded by the mentally ill and psychopaths?

"We feared that Portugal could turn into a paradise for drug users,” said Dr Jaoa Goulao, Portugal’s national co-ordinator on drugs and drug addiction speaking on their decriminalization policy. Portugal is one of 25 countries that have taken this approach. Community is built to reinforce alternatives to an addiction lifestyle.

The undesirable behavior of addicts generally includes illegal activities regardless of drug law. For instance robbery, thievery, violence and so on. I also recall seeing an article noting that addiction is quite rare statistically in drug users and is highly influenced by social inequity. Unfortunately I cannot find the link at this time but will try and update this post if I come across it.

Pretty goofy though that there are Jesus freaks who look at drug users as crazy and less than human. Is that what Jesus would do? Also there is a professor at Israel's Hebrew University suggesting Moses was high on Ayahuasca.

China to record misdeeds of tourists to help image, rather than stop its uncivilized ways

As part of a strategy to help China's image the National Tourism Administration will record misdeeds of tourists for up to two years. "Bad behaviour included violating customs, destroying public infrastructure and historic sites, causing disturbances on public transport and participating in gambling and prostitution, the agency said." I am sure the sweatshops, massive environmental degradation, the cultural destruction and governmental control of Tibet are all civilized actions. Best prioritize getting a handle on them tourists.

Range-R peers into homes despite 2001 ruling against

Small homes, vs rich bastard mansions

Warrantless monitoring with GPS devices was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2012.

Thanks for the link to a better article. It is still messed up if they can tell nobody is home then they can enter without a search warrant easier. Less intrusive than a camera is still intrusive. In a hostage situation then the issues over a warrant are not as relevant but in this era of the war on terror where everyone is a suspect this is no surprise. Even if it is like glaucoma vision it is still seeing into homes.

With suspects cellphone DEA make Facebook posts racey pictures, contacts criminals

Anyone need a reason to put a password on your cellphone? Here it is. this woman, Sandra Arquiett, had her phone seized as part of an investigation she was a big time drug dealer and was only sentenced to probation. Later on a friend asked why she put pictures of herself legs spread in skimpy clothes on her Facebook profile. She never had one. The DEA created it and used it to contact suspects including at least one wanted fugitive. Would anyone be surprised if a criminal offed her in retaliation?

In court the so-called Justice Department is arguing, as noted by the Washington Post article below, "if you’re arrested for a drug crime, including a crime unserious enough to merit a sentence of probation, the government retains the power to (a) steal your identity, (b) use that identity for drug policing, thus making your name and face known to potentially dangerous criminals, (c) interact with those criminals while posing as you, which could subject you to reprisals from those criminals, (d) expose photos of your family, including children, to those criminals, and (e) do all of this without your consent, and with no regard for your safety or public reputation."

The article points out the governments habit of pressuring people into being informants and claiming no responsibility when these unwilling participants die! I knew about Rachel Hoffmann in Tallahassee, Florida forced to wear a wire, disappeared during a supervised deal to buy  two and a half ounces of cocaine, fifteen hundred Ecstasy pills, and a semi-automatic handgun from two convicted felons. She was later found murdered. I did not hear that campus cops at UMass used heroin addiction on a student to force cooperation as an informant. He then died of an overdose. Another shocking story is cited on DEA agents abandoning Daniel Chong in a cell for four and a half days without food, water or a toilet until he was on the brink of death. He was initially arrested on a possession charge when trying to buy cannabis to celebrate 4/20.

The point of the article is that the dehumanizing of drug offenders has caused passive acceptance of massive injustice, all apparently OK according to the Justice Department. The same strategy is used in this war on terror and other perceived enemies insofar as sheeple are taught to believe in them. Like the war on drugs, specifically cannabis, which was launched on racism against Blacks and Mexicans accused of being super strength violent rapists and whatnot.

As for stealing the identities of "terrorists" that is a whole other can of worms discussed specifically in regards to 9/11 in the documentary "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime," which breaks down how some of the alleged suicidal terrorists were still alive after 9/11 or died before and who they were.

Handguns promoted as rape preventative on campuses

Instead of sure shot victims would be rapist think twice at the risk of of getting shot. That is why Florida lawmakers are proposing this practice. I have seen some studies that revealed a virtual elimination of rapes when concealed carry handguns are in the mix. Here is one article Concealed Carry Can Help Reduce Sexual Assault at Universities. Here are a couple exerpts from the article.

“If you’ve got a person that’s raped because you wouldn’t let them carry a firearm to defend themselves, I think you’re responsible,” Florida state Rep. Dennis K. Bexley said during a House subcommittee debate last month.

Meanwhile, other bills are being proposed in Indiana, Montana, Oklahoma, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

[RT] Lawmakers propose guns as solution for sexual assault in college

Guns: they work. A case in point caught on video.

When a psychopath with a machete kicks in the door made of high grade cardboard you better be ready like this guy. Apparently the intruder survived and is on trial for murder. He even admits his murderous intentions as he lays there after being shot. Good luck waiting for police while this guy goes to town on you with a machete.

More at: Report at: What would you do if you were minding your own business in the comfort of your own home and a machete-wielding maniac starts kicking in your door? If you don't have a firearm in your home you'd likely panic, pick up the phone, and hope that 9-1-1 can get a police officer dispatch to your house in the next 15 seconds.

Small planes used to collect cell phone data on Americans

This short two-minute segment from ABC discusses the use of small aircraft mounted with faux-cell towers referred to as dirt-boxes to ping devices and identify everyone in range of the flight path. The term dirt-box is interesting since it is likely collecting dirt on random Americans. The military and police even use fake cell towers on land to track people.

So-called conspiracy theorists were ripped on for knowledge of warrantless spying in the USA and have gotten scarcely any recognition for being ahead of the curb. With the advent of smartphones tracking people, listening and using their cameras has reached unprecedented levels of surveillance. Many cell phones have no ability to even remove the battery, the one sure way to know a device is off.

Justifications for sacrificing privacy for security have been layers ranging from rapists and drug users to the endless abstraction of the war on terror. Society is a disturbed and unnatural construct as a result of various forms of oppression and exploitation. A monetary system based on debt insures failures to fester. The lamestream media use of advertising effectively creates a slew of viewers who have a void in their souls they think must be filled with products and pills. Add to that the tendency for control freaks to commit false flags to give further cause for control. Certainly there will be no end of issues in society that can be used promote the validity of these schemes as we approach a complete electronic panopticon. People do change their behavior when being watched nullifying the argument as noted by Glenn Greenwald in this TED Talk "Why privacy matters."

Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see - and write about - the Edward Snowden files, with their revelations about the United States' extensive surveillance of private citizens. In this searing talk, Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you're "not doing anything you need to hide."

Vatican Archbishop had an epic child porn collection

Archbishop Wesolowski had tons of videos and photos, "meticulously categorized." His religious collection shows his passion for children and is very touching. Depending how you look at it. A travesty, especially since this sick bastard was entrusted as "Holy See envoy from 2008 to 2012 as part of an investigation into the alleged sexual abuse of underage boys."

He faces a measly seven years for this. Interesting since the guy in the UK setting up the internet child porn filter was arrested on porn charges.

Don't ever hear anyone says that bullshit about God's supposed will here

Vatican Paedophilia Scandal: Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski Stored Over 100,000 Child Porn Videos

WTF: $1,000 fine for pictures in National Forest?

The permit is apparently $1,500 to legally take pictures. Who the fuck has that much money to pay for taking pictures that doesn't have the last name Rockefeller? I would love to fine the government for picturing itself running bogus federal laws that compromise state sovereignty.

The U.S. Forest Service Wants to Fine You $1,000 for Taking Pictures in the Forest

OKC ISIS copycat stopped by concealed carry

Seems Traci Johnson would have been a second victim beheaded if there was not a concealed carry gun owning fellow at the scene of the crime. Often these reports are underplayed in the media and the fearful reports of people who do crime with guns are overplayed. Helps drive demand for government and control of course. Creates a monopoly of force with government, which everyone knows is rife with corruption.

Here is a good article on the positive effects of legal gun owning citizenry.

8 horrible crimes stopped by legal gun owners

Presence of Armed Citizen Prevented More Death Says Oklahoma County Sheriff