The Heart of the World - Documentary

Just finished watching "Heart of the World," a 1991 BBC documentary on the Kogi people in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta highlands of Columbia.  The Kogi are a tribe of indigeneous who survived and successfully isolated themselves from Spanish Conquistadors.

Kogi men chew coca leaves constantly and have a life expectancy of 90 years. The narrator did well to compare coca leaves to coaine as dissimilar as rye bread is from from rye whiskey. Not a cokewhore to be seen in this culture.

The Kogi allowed a film crew to come and take a message to the world to stop hurting our Mother Earth, who they know as Aluna. They see their mountainous region in danger and they are alarmed since it provides a central pillar of life in the region. Snowmelt, sediment and so forth. The Kogi's former coastal cities are now pillaged by grave robbers. Their gold was taken by the Spanish and are under threat of "development" like power plants that sacred freshwater lakes are drained to install nearby, deforestation, mining, etcetera.

When conquistadors waged a moral crusade against the Kogi they used the absurd notion that all the men were homosexual as the basis to wipe them out. Apparently it was common belief in Spain that if it was not for Christianity men would be blowing eachother's brains out in a sexual manner rather than using muskets against "savages," as well as raping or enslaving while stealing their land.

The Kogi appear extremely peaceful and even quarrelling with one's wife is forbidden. They weave their own fabric and dress cleanly in white with a shoulder bag. The white clothing represents the purity of nature. Only men chew coca leaves that are prepared by the women. They carry around a gourd that symbolises the woman. It is filled with lime that breaks down the coca compunds after it numbs the mouth. The lime is extracted with a stick that symbolises the man. The priests of the Kogi are selected at birth and raised for 9 years in darkness. I doubt that would mesh with the child protective services Nazis.

Upon doing further research on the KogiI discovered that twenty years later the Kogi asked for the original filmmaker to return for another lesson about Mother Nature since we did not heed their warning. That new film is Aluna. I am providing the original documentary I found on YouTube and the preview of the new on below. "Aluna" is $2.99 on YouTube.

For more information about the Kogi and the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida): From the Heart of the World - The Elder Brothers Warning is a documentary about the Kogi people who inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain in northern Colombia.

Aluna Trailer by Alan Ereira : Alan Ereira : - The Kogi attach great importance to memory. The memory of events with which the community has been confronted, the memory of social regulations within the group and so forth. "Memory," they say, "is like eyes which were made to see.

Freddie's dead and the Gray area of racist legacies; homicide charges for BPD

Baltimore's police department homicide victim Freddie Grey had a lengthy criminal record of mostly non-violent crime before being murdered by them. I see only a second-degree assault charge on his rap sheet. The altercation leading to his death appears to have no just cause, only citing illegal possession of a switchblade. Unless he was walking around playing with it, the switchblade could have been planted on him too, then he was likely being harassed by police he had a history with. Time will tell if any justice is to follow the announcement of homicide charges being filed against officers involved. Regardless, breaking a man's spine, lying that he walked fine though he was clearly injured and screaming in pain, then not calling medics for 42 minutes, there is no excuse for this behavior by anyone, especially in authority..

It is tragic the legacy of racism creates crime rich ethnic areas with no opportunity. It is the epitome of "the man" keeping people down. Instead of slaves, today many African-American's are slaves to a welfare system, constant monitoring by social services, police patrols and ultimately sadistic babysitters while kept in cages. It has already been clear that the crack epidemic was in part a CIA operation, revelations chronicled in the recent biographical Hollywood portrayal of Gary Webb, "Kill the Messenger."

What a great follow up to the civil rights movement. After a long history of oppression, any thoughtful student of history can see a constantly morphing tendency of self-fulfilling prophecy aimed at justifying the misfortunes of black folks in America.

It is no surprise to see the massive demonstrations, mostly non-violent, that follow this outrageous result of police activity. Whether those acting violently or destroying property are provocateurs or not is one question. Regardless there is certainly some righteous violence that can result from the continuous violent oppression of people. Franz Fanon believed that acts of violence are necessary to overcome the multi-generational psychological baggage of such a colonial history. Fanon's insights foresaw decades of disaster in Africa that followed after his writings. Here is a bit on such views from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

Les Damnés de la Terre is a more abstract analysis of colonialism and revolution.  It has been described as a handbook for black revolution.  The book ranges over the necessary role Fanon thinks violence must play in decolonization struggles, the false paths decolonizing nations take when they entrust their eventual freedom to negotiations between a native elite class and the formers colonizers instead of mobilizing the masses as a popular fighting force, the need to recreate a national culture through a revolutionary arts and literature movement, and an inventory of the psychiatric disorders that colonial repression unleashes.

If corrupt killer cops being strung up as human pinatas is needed to offset such a terrible history, it would not even come close to the live slow centuries of slavery with BBQing of black men to lynching and suffering at the hands of police African-Americans today. Without an interwoven fabric of oppression the system of inequity could not persist. Misfortune, however contrived, helps promote momentum for the system as it exists. A global crabs-in-the-bucket of not-so free markets, relying on slavery and environmental exploitation. Ignorance, inequality and dehumanization are major factors that need to be addressed to turn the tide against such evils. In the meantime keep the cameras handy, that is one way we can shoot police that may be fatal to their ingrained system of injustice, cruelty and sadism.

Feeding the homeless illegal in Ft. Lauderdale, 90-yr old veteran arrested

A 90-year old veteran was and two priests were cited for defying a recent measure passed to counter the growing numbers of homeless in Fort. Lauderdale Florida. What better to combat homelessness than to kill them with starvation! That will prevent those victims of the housing crisis or mostly drug addicted and mentally ill scumbags from existing! No need for anything logical like actually helping those with human decency who provide services nowhere to be found in the operations of government. The video of the veteran's arrest is below showing police impervious to legitimate ridicule from the crowd.

Arnold Abbott was arrested and is facing up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine for helping to feed the needy in Florida. The veteran has done so for decades, and continues to help the homeless in memory of his late wife who helped him make and share food with the poor.

This new law follows a slew of other laws prohibiting the regular activities of homeless such as panhandling, sleeping on public property, harsher penalties for defecating in public and illegal to keep personal belongings in public areas. The article notes a similar backlash around the country, "A report released by the National Coalition for the Homeless last month found that 21 cities have restricted sharing food with the homeless, and 10 other cities are in the process of doing so."

Good thing American tax money was robbed to pay off the bankers in the housing crisis instead of keeping people housed.

Some Israelis who need a visit to the Museum of Tolerance

Baruch Marzel, and Mai Golan, the anti-African darling of Israel’s right-wing who soared to fame two summers ago when she declared in a similar march, “I am a proud racist." Damn. Baruch was "spokesman for the American rabbi's Kach organization for ten years until it was outlawed in Israel and the US as a terrorist organization."

Israeli Rightists Wave ISIS-style Flags in Protest of African Asylum-Seekers

GMO humans to graduate high school this year

With teen pregnancy rates at 1/3 (Teen Pregnancy Rates in the USA), they may have already introduced genetically modified material into the human race. I wonder if they will sue the parents and children for copyright infringement as Monsanto loves to do to farmers whose crops are cross-contaminated? These children were genetically modified to prevent passing on genetic disorders. Their identities are not known publicly.

Monsanto Sues Farmers for 16 Straight Years over GMOs, NEVER Loses

The World’s First Genetically Modified Babies Will Graduate High School This Year

Adderall maker fined for "normalizing" children claims

Does your child stand out from the crow? Normalize and make a predictable homogenous sheep person out of them. If diversity is the spice of life, then big pharma is the monocrop master of people. ADHD might as well be called "Cannot concentrate on BS, would rather do something else disorder." Side effects of the bizarre unnatural environment humans are being forced into cannot be suppressed with drugs. Depression drugs create psychopaths and suicides. I am pretty sure these externalizes have no anti-depressant properties.

Drugmaker Shire Fined $56.5 Million for Claiming Adderall Can 'Normalize' Kids with ADHD

Whistleblower: CDC covered up adverse effects of vaccines

Testimony of a former CDC employee turned whistleblower led to this revelation. There was a 340% increase of autism in African-American children given the MMR vaccine. This cover-up haunted the whilstleblower, William W. Thompson, PhD, former Senior Scientist with the CDC. Thompson testified to Congress, check the videos below. He implicates many including the head of the CDC at the time.

The article below goes into the aspects of eugenics conspiracys that have sought to cull the black population. There have been previous documented campaigns to sterilize various groups in America and beyond. So to fix the numbers African-Americans were omitted from the studies results. There is a lot of money behind these studies to protect Big Pharma's Pharm-Animal construct. 

You are better off taking care of your health and not trusting the government. Putting something in your bloodstream is insane. 

CDC caught in scientific fraud, perpetrating vaccine violence against blacks in shocking eugenics cover-up

There is a new whistleblower on the autism forefront. Dr Brian Hooker from the Focus Autism Foundation says he has a source INSIDE the CDC. Hooker utilized the Freedom of Information Act to ask for data about a recent autism study. That's when he says the unnamed whistleblower broke down and reached out to him.