Pepsi to use Aspartame alternative, Splenda, another toxic sugar substitute

Pepsi appears to be removing a controversial and toxic sugar-substitute, Aspartame, and replacing it with Sucralose. in the United States. This will result in a change similar to the substitute of the gas additive Lead with MTBE, another toxic substance to take the place of another. The article notes that Aspartame:

breaks down into its constituent amino acids aspartic acid, methanol and phenylalanine . Methanol breaks down further into formaldehyde, formic acid and diketopiperazine. Methanol is a toxin on its own, and its sub-units have been demonstrated as carcinogenic.

Sucralose and Aspartame were both accidentally discovered in a lab. I would not want an accident to be a major part of my food. Perhaps the health-unconscious should stop drinking soda and get some exercise. Otherwise this will end up a a sheeple-cycle of chasing one's tail.

Here is a thorough film, Aspartame: Sweet Misery, on the health effects of Aspartame and how war-hawk Donald Rumsfeld used political connections to push this most-contested food additive ever through the FDA and into the food supply.

Chipotle chain to have non-GMO foods

The food chain Chipotle is buckling to public pressure on the use of GMO foods and will no longer carry those ingredients. Despite being promoted as safe and more productive by giant corporations like Monsanto a wary public is winning in their skepticism. GMO crops that are Roundup-Ready can tolerate heaping amounts of the toxic herbicide, former pipe-cleaners, glyphosate. Non-GMO crops still use glyphosate but not at the same levels.

It is unclear if this action will prevent variations of GMOs from being in food. Other methods include CPU-generated genes and "beneficial" mutations created by radiation. The green-revolution from farm equipment and these chemical practices have done nothing to stop poverty either, and indicates there are larger issues at hand we are not addressing while these unnatural processes crap all over the environment and our health. Mother knows best and this insanity is a slap in Mother Nature's face.


Tyson chickens to be given animal antibiotics instead of human ones by 2017

Tyson publicly states the use of human antibiotics in their birds contributes to the creation of superbacteria and limits the effectiveness of human antibiotics. Funny they can do this but anything you buy says on the label it is illegal to use for any other purpose, otherwise called off-label use.

They of course will take their sweet time around 2017 transitioning to a different type of antibiotics. Meanwhile this fails to address another issue, how they pre-emptively give healthy bird medication for the sick conditions they keep the birds in, crowded and unnatural. Not to mention the GMO roundup/glyphosate feed, a chemical used for cleaning pipes.  After raising my own birds free-range on almost an acre with organic feed and feeding on bugs in the organic garden I could not eat commercial chicken any longer. The article notes:

As a contractor for Perdue, farmer Craig Watts states in the video that he is contractually obligated to ensure that the chickens destined for your dinner table do not receive any form of sunlight or fresh air. In addition, the chickens are forced to lay not only on their own bed of feces, but feces that has accumulated for around the past year. This is because the floors are not cleaned between each import of new chickens, leading to thick layers of feces, other bodily fluids, limbs, and other items accumulating to the point where the underbellies of the chickens are worn red and their feathers are rubbed clean off.
Is it any wonder that around 97% of all chicken products have been found to be tainted with harmful bacteria?

The practices of Tyson ended up helping me end up going vegan.

Sprouting Increases Nutrition by 900%

In this fast food nation it is doubtful many have the resolve to do the work, but I gotta put this out there. Here are some of the benefits listed in this article on the plant equivalent of eating dead baby:

  • Sprouting peas can yield an 800% increase in Vitamin C as opposed to just eating peas alone.
  • Just three-day germinated broccoli sprouts can contain as much as 50 times the amounts of phytonutrients as eating a mature broccoli spear.
  • Nutritional depletion can be lessened and toxins found in nuts and seeds can be minimized by soaking them (allowing them to sprout). Specifically phytates (in the outer shell of nuts and seeds) can inhibit the absorption of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron, but soaking them removes this toxin.
  • Sprouting and then eating alfalfa grains means you will be consuming more chlorophyll than if you ate mature spinach, kale, cabbage or parsley.
  • Sprouts contain large amounts of absorbable protein, and contain increased calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C.

Germany: Poultry industry forced to use non-GMO feed

After the company ZDG broke from a 14-year practice of non-GMO feed due to a feed shortage consumer demand reversed the decision. Europeans are far more critical and conscious about what goes into their food. Meanwhile trade agreements threaten to force European markets to accept import of chlorine soaked conventional GMO fed chicken. Apparently the chlorine is to help prevent infectious disease. Nevermind the chlorine side-effects... 

Germany's top supermarkets force the poultry industry to use safe, non-GMO feed again

GMO labeling movement overlooks Roundup dangers

The following article lays out a bizarre history of a seemingly blatant conspiracy to limit population with toxic treachery and famine. While people cry wolf about the GMO foods causing cancer it overlooks the FACT that the chemical herbicide glyphosate/Roundup is a major component in the ill health effects. Therefore there should be a move to label for glyphosate, no just GMOs, since it is used for other non-GMO crops.

This link is to the outline of a discussion with an MIT Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff. 

GLYPHOSATE: Monsanto’s Magnificent Red Herring [The Liberty Beacon]

In 1972 these words were uttered in an interview of Robert S. MacNamara who at the time was head of the World Bank and also former Secretary of Defense famous for admitting war in Vietnam was started on false pretenses (see the documentary Fog of War). 

”One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means: famine and sickness.”

In 1974 a Monsanto scientist discovered that Glyphosate, a chemical used to CLEAN PIPES was an effective herbicide. I am pretty sure if you pour inorganic chemicals on things it does not help with that organisms survival. Since then it has been all up in the food supply.

This laid the groundwork for making genetic modifications to plants so they can survive the chemicals being applied to them. The major funding source for this research turns out to be the Rockefeller foundation. 

Later on trade agreements guaranteed Monsanto's market with trade agreements (not-so-free market BS) and insulated them from liability for this toxic practice. For instance, when these frankenfoods cross-pollinate neighboring crops Monsanto is not only absolved from paying damages but even can effectively sue for copyright infringement. 

A French study in 2008 showed the cancerous effects on rats of GMO and despite this in 2013 the EPA increased by 3,000% the permissible limits of glyphosate. They might as well call Roundup RoundDown since it is clearly population control and a subsidy to the Medical Industrial Complex.

Good luck having a revolution with a bunch of tumors eating your body. If it wasn't for genetic modification these chemicals would kill the plants food is harvested from. It is pretty much a surrogate for feeding sheeple chemikills. 

On top of this toxic chemical tendency includes a worsened interaction with other things that pollute the human body. Patents have expired in the early 90's and copycat versions have since proliferated. Sri Lanka has actually banned Glyphosate due to the effects on the liver and kidneys. 

One way to avoid RoundDown produce is looking at the PLU code:

"Anything that is modified shows up with a code beginning with a 5 or an 8. Organic produce codes begin with a 9, while conventionally-grown produce codes start with a 3 or a 4. ... Conventionally-grown produce can still have been subjected to Glyphosate in RoundUp, and still merit use of the codes beginning with 3 or 4."

So if the GMO labeling campaign is a success it is a faux-victory since they even create other GMO-ish plant varieties by exposing them to radiation that are not considered to be GMO. If you want healthy food it should be done yourself. Otherwise you can be stuffing little Trojan horses in your face and not ever know it. 

Why I avoid factory farmed creatures like the plague

Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK could be contaminated with potentially lethal bacteria [RT]

By the time this stuff is revealed it might be too late. This is considered the main cause of foodbourne disease in so-called developing nations. The bacterial genus Campylobacter is the culprit, from the digestive tract, pretty much in the shit. So eating shitty chicken will leave you feeling shitty. 

Monsanto's Roundup originally a pipe cleaning chemical, causes kidney failure

If you like GMO Monsanto seed Roundup-ready crops then you must be into heavy metal. I am not referring to music:

form complexes with the arsenic, cadmium and other heavy metals found in the groundwater and soil in Central America, India and Sri Lanka. The glyphosate-heavy metal complex can enter the human body in a variety of ways. The complex can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Glyphosate acts like a Trojan horse, allowing the bound heavy metal to avoid detection by the liver, since the glyphosate occupies the binding sites that the liver would normally latch onto. The glyphosate-heavy metal complex reaches the kidney tubules, where the high acidity allows the metal to break free of the glyphosate. The cadmium or arsenic then damages the kidney tubules and other parts of the kidneys, ultimately resulting in kidney failure and, most often, death.

Regardless of this treacherous toxic chemical's side effects, the US government has tried to force El Salvador to purchase Monsanto products in order to receive $300 million in aid. Since the story went public, the US backed down but has not released the funds. Kidney failures are so prolific in Nicaragua that it has been dubbed "The Island of Widows".

In addition to the origins as a pipe cleaner, glyphosate is mixed with "adjuvants", a chemical cocktail that makes Roundup 125 times more toxic than by itself. Some of the substances included in this proprietary formula have toxicity in the parts per trillion! If you watch The Future of Food, the intro explains how following WWII chemical warfare agents were re-purposed as chemical warfare against pests. 

In the meantime while people blow money on shit they don't need with money they don't have, as George Carlin put it, the majority of the population refuses to invest in the one thing that should be a foundation for a good life, their health.