1,000 year old antibiotic remedy outperforms pharmaceutical garbage

A 9th century Anglo-Saxon remedy "wiped out most of the MRSA cells after just 24 hours and was more efficient than modern antibiotics." The ingredients include wine, onion, garlic and salts from a cows stomach. Since the recipe is not patentable it will be interesting to see if this gets used.

Saltwater to be harnessed as a makeshift battery

Thought it would be good to start off after my blog break with a positive news story. This is Dutch research on a technology being called Blue Energy that separates positive and negative ions in saltwater. It is hoped the technology will be commercially viable or production in the 20's. So long as they don't sell out to big oil who will sit on the patent to eliminate competition. Most of the Earth's population lives on the ocean so this would be pretty sweet.

With the insanity of the spread out power grid the majority of electricity is LOST in transmission. Check out this chart below from the US Department of Energy. Furthermore, most energy is used to complete bullshit like heated handsoap or industrial excess. I wonder how much is lost just sitting idling in traffic. Have bioregional power sources and more efficiently using electricity would certainly help pave the way for a brighter future.

University president takes pay cut to help low wage earners

Never saw this type of noble action from Rollin Richmond, former president at Humboldt State University where I studied. He got numerous pay raises while tuition went sky high. This more honorable president Raymond Burse at Kentucky State University allowed a 40% increase in pay for 24 custodial workers, from $7.25 to $10.25 an hour.

University President Takes Pay Cut to Help Low Wage Employees

Cop buys car seat instead of ticketing family

Now this is the public safety I respect. It could just be a PR stunt.

Imagine if the insane amount of money of the prison industry and police state was spent on helping instead of hindering peoples lives!

Instead of Issuing a Ticket, Michigan Cop Buys Car Seat for Family