US government won't release torture photos to "protect troops"

If truth would endanger troops then we shouldn't be doing this crap. I think the government is hiding behind the "troops" rather than saying their hidden agenda will be endangered.

Obama admin withholding 2,100 US military torture photos

Obama blows when it comes to whistleblowers

This is from the article:

[S]entencing in media leak cases has historically been relatively light,” with only 24 months of jail time for the three whistleblowers prosecuted from 1973 to 2005.

However, ACLU noted that Obama has “secured 526 months of prison time for national security leakers,” with the majority given to Chelsea Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years.


When it comes to prosecuting whistleblowers, the Obama Administration holds the record with eight, which is more than double the three who were prosecuted by previous presidents.

The three journalists who were indicted prior to Obama’s presidency were Daniel Ellsberg in 1973, Samuel Morrison in 1985, and Larry Franklin in 2005.

Since Obama’s time in office, those prosecuted include Thomas Drake and Shamai Leibowitz in 2010, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, and Donal Sachtleben in 2013, and Stephen Kim in 2014. The cases of Jeffrey Sterling and Edward Snowden are currently pending.

Obama Has Sentenced Whistleblowers to 10x the Jail Time of All Prior U.S. Presidents Combined

7th Heaven show dad admits child molestation in therapy

I couldn’t stand that show 7th Heaven and now I have an epic reason to despise it more. Haha. Guess this was a therapy session secretly recorded and getting it off his chest has gotten that shows reruns off the airwaves. Now if we can find a child molester at every crappy TV show and network then maybe we can have more time spent outdoors and have a media of decency.

'7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins Confesses on tape to Child Molestation NYPD Investigating [AUDIO]

FBI crime stats show 0 murders despite Sandy Hook "massacre"

This is pretty weird. Just watched a documentary a couple months ago about how bizarre and scripted the event seemed. So the 2012 FBI crime stats show that in Newtown, home of the Sandy Hook shooting, is reported to have zero deaths from murder in 2012, the year of the incident. Here is an epic documentary breaking down a plethora of anomalies.

Sand Hook Official Story DEBUNKED HOAX Exposed Original uploader F0x1214 We are just presenting evidence for you to reach your own conclusion,although it is evident we are being lied to through media munipulation.

Adderall maker fined for "normalizing" children claims

Does your child stand out from the crow? Normalize and make a predictable homogenous sheep person out of them. If diversity is the spice of life, then big pharma is the monocrop master of people. ADHD might as well be called "Cannot concentrate on BS, would rather do something else disorder." Side effects of the bizarre unnatural environment humans are being forced into cannot be suppressed with drugs. Depression drugs create psychopaths and suicides. I am pretty sure these externalizes have no anti-depressant properties.

Drugmaker Shire Fined $56.5 Million for Claiming Adderall Can 'Normalize' Kids with ADHD

10/10/2014: New Gary Webb movie, Kill The Messenger

I hope this is showing in theaters in my area. The movie has an awesome cast with Jeremy Renner, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia and more legit actors. Looks like a decent portrayal of Gary Webb, who blew the whistle on CIA-cocaine trafficking schemes and may have been "suicided" to silence him. He published a book based on his explosive work, it is called Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion. It appears that is a link to his book on Scribd,if you happen to have a subscription.

Here is a trailer for the film. The crack epidemic seems to have been a major factor in destroying the civil rights movement radicalized in the form of the Black Panthers.

"F**k it, I quit" Alaska reporter to sell cannabis, fight for legalization

No need for unemployment, she will be selling stony ammunition for the cause!

I hear a lot of rationalization that is against legalization since it would ruin prices. That is the same insane logic that created this drug war. For greedy special interests of Hearst's timber, Rockefeller's oil and other markets threatened by hemp and medicinal cannabis. This twisted war waged against a plant is well documented in this Woody Harrelson narrated documentary Grass.

‘F**k it, I quit’ – Alaska TV reporter resigns on air to fight for marijuana legalization (VIDEO) [RT]

Here is the documentary Grass:

Security told stand down in Benghazi incident leading to deaths

An account in the new book "13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi" by Mitchell Zuckoff with the Annex Security Team reveals a stand down order delayed a defensive response for around 30 minutes during an attack on a diplomatic compound which resulted in the deaths of U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens along with three other American citizens. The security team eventually defied stand down orders but were not granted air support. Despite this account from the actual first responders the US government denies an stand down order.

Here is a link to the article on these revelations:

Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim [FOX]


Advice to myself, by G E Griffin

Don’t overestimate your talents. Humility is justified.
Don’t be harsh on others unless you walk their path.
Compliment others whenever possible. Watch them smile.
Cherish friends and family. They are your greatest assets.
Help those in need. It will brighten both your lives.
Let go of unpleasant memories. They poison your present.
Welcome obstacles. They make you strong.
Accept responsibility for your life. Over time, it is what you make it.
Respect nature. She is smarter than science.
Question authority. It often is corrupt.
Reject coercion unless to defend life, liberty, or property.
Leave the world better than you found it. 


I suggest checking out the weekly edition of Unfiltered News for relevant news stories with commentary putting them in proper context to root issues. There is a humor section and cool pictures, some inspirational stuff too. 

John Hopkins U: Shitty life is hereditary

This conclusion is based on a sociological study on disadvantaged families in Baltimore. Starting as a three-year study, it turned into following 790 children for 25 years up until the late 20's.

Children's life trajectories largely determined by family they are born into

So much for the American Dream. Oh yea that requires being asleep. 

Cuntdescending State Department PR Shill accuses Russia w/o evidence

This White House press secretary is being a dodgy cunt while she makes unsubstantiated claims about the conflict in Ukraine. Perhaps this is a video posted in the Russia today article "US pulling out its Cold War-era plans over Ukraine conflict, top commander admits." Some cold-war era strategies are pretty fucked up as revealed in documents like Operation Northwoods that propose sinking U.S. cruise ships or downing a charter flight of college students to blame it on the communists. For all we know a drone was used to take down these flights to destabilize Russia's position.

"State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf accused Russia of firing artillery across the border into Ukraine, but refused to give any evidence supporting her claim."

She get's pretty shitty at about 1:12 with her shill smirk about the "preponderence of evidence" that she cannot prove. "Would you prefer I don't give you information and just say nothing if I can't give you the source? No, I'm asking you a question here," she fire's back when asked for proof. Of course she doesn't let him answer her stupid question. As he tries to reply "Marie, I think it would be best for all those concerned." "Are there any other questions?" she asked over him at that point. He continues ,"if when you make an allegation like that, that you are able to back it up with something than just 'Because I say so'." He points out that "when you present your evidence to back up those allegations it has appeared at least for some fallen short of definitive proof. Of course she replies "I would totally disagree with that." It isn't often that these PR front bitches admit they are full of shit, so that response is to be expected. "We don't make determinations until we have facts," she later says. 

Meanwhile economic sanctions are being applied against Russia and AK-47s are selling out

Ridiculous music sponsored by Jeep?

I was just tripping out over this song by R, Kelly, "You Remind Me of Something." The video below is like a commercial for Jeep. It was unclear to me if R. Kelly got paid by Jeep so if anyone can find the video credits send me a link.

As for the song itself, the chorus is especially ridiculous:

You remind me of something
I just can't think of what it is

You remind me of my jeep, I want to ride it
Something like my sound, I want to pump it
Girl you look just like my cars, I want to wax it
And something like my bank account
I want to spend it, baby

This was well before being known to pee on girls, 1995. Apparently he realized they reminded him of a urinal, he wants to pee on them, Guess it took him some time to figure it out. Previously R Kelly was singing about his bitches being like Jeeps, sound, cars and bank accounts. I can't comprehend comparing a lady to a Jeep to ride, a speaker to molest, car waxing (I'd bet he pays others to wax his baller-mobiles) and bank accounts to spend (unless he is in human trafficking!). In the video he is singing this to his entourage of Jeep followers, sometimes on his cell phone with groups of people (which seems kinda rude, especially with other bitches around him. Why the hell do they care about what his other bitches remind him off?

Expect a remix of this goofy song from yours truly. I'd rather make it something about a girl reminding me of something I can't stand, like stupid Americans or dolled up fake whores.

Music video by R. Kelly performing You Remind Me Of Something. (C) 1995 Zomba Recording LLC