Cop buys car seat instead of ticketing family

Now this is the public safety I respect. It could just be a PR stunt.

Imagine if the insane amount of money of the prison industry and police state was spent on helping instead of hindering peoples lives!

Instead of Issuing a Ticket, Michigan Cop Buys Car Seat for Family

Advice to myself, by G E Griffin

Don’t overestimate your talents. Humility is justified.
Don’t be harsh on others unless you walk their path.
Compliment others whenever possible. Watch them smile.
Cherish friends and family. They are your greatest assets.
Help those in need. It will brighten both your lives.
Let go of unpleasant memories. They poison your present.
Welcome obstacles. They make you strong.
Accept responsibility for your life. Over time, it is what you make it.
Respect nature. She is smarter than science.
Question authority. It often is corrupt.
Reject coercion unless to defend life, liberty, or property.
Leave the world better than you found it. 


I suggest checking out the weekly edition of Unfiltered News for relevant news stories with commentary putting them in proper context to root issues. There is a humor section and cool pictures, some inspirational stuff too. 

Breaking the tip of the iceberg

Hey there all sorts of friends, allies, former roommates, former classmates, online acquaintances and so on,

I just wanted to share my work with this new website,, my showcase/portfolio of all my activities, past and present. Lately I have been dabbling in stand-up comedy and hope to break some new ground with some hip-hop soon. Recently I performed my first booked gig in the SF bay area, you can find the video on the front page and more under the comedy link.

My mission is to break down the things I've learned, however grim, but try to do so humorously and end on a positive note every time. Fair warning, my work uses crude humor and it was hard to sift through hundreds of contacts to select everyone in this list, so you've been warned. I may not have always been the most personable or had the best approach, but nobody knows what to do about the mountains of terrible things we are bludgeoned with by the lamestream media every day. You can't please everyone either. So here is my latest approach.

Upcoming ASAP will be some hip-hop remixes performed live, hopefully some produced music videos, complete summaries of my legal trials and tribulations (with sourcing and evidence) and some blogging, even podcasts breaking down an alternative media perspective. I have done some extensive research into the radical truths, the root origins of issues, rather than focus on leaves and twigs.

Please join me in this journey and please send any suggestions my way. Wish me luck in waging and online multimedia blitzkrieg in the interests of justice and to undermine tyranny of the mind, soul and body. The site will expand from here and benefits from any involvement you'd like to have in it.

Best of luck to you in life,

Jason Robo