Propaganda Bashing Hookah Persists

I just spotted this ridiculous article with five-thousand plus upvotes on Reddit's front page, Hookah Packs 25 Times the Tar of a Single Cigarette (Men's Fitness). IF you are not doing it right it is possible a hookah session would be so bad. These studies are so rigged, this article is just referring to a compilation of bogus research! Not even a new study. The tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical companies do not want people to use "smoking cessation" like E-cigs. They'd rather have you stuck on their crap like Chantix which has terrible SFX, like suicide and headaches, and a poor success rate compared to E-cigs, SNUS and hookah.

These "scientists" hook a hookah up to a vacuum basically and and it just sucks in like nobody ever would. Nobody tends to the charcoals and the bowl is probably packed like hell. If a person tried smoking like this they would cough their ass off and get a massive headache. There is also a valve for clearing the hookah and allowing fresh air into the chamber. As far as these so-called studies go it is not how people smoke hookah. If anything the usage of aluminum foil for the screen is the most unhealthy thing but I NEVER see anything about that. As for carbon monoxide, there are electronic heated ceramic coils that negate that entirely. Also tobacco is not the only surrogate for the fruit juice that is effectively vaporized, if done right. For instance sugar cane and other herbs, so no nicotine!

I have extensively read these studies and they are the equivalent of Thomas Edison electrocuting animals to "prove" how Nicola Tesla's AC power is evil. They do the same with E-cigs, they hotbox rats for weeks on end then promote the "negative" effects (I heard about this study and I cannot readily find it so sorry for not sourcing).

In Sweden SNUS, E-cigs and hookah are not demonized but embraced for their practicality in ending tobacco addiction. So hookah responsibly and use this logic to counteract the haters.


Tyson chickens to be given animal antibiotics instead of human ones by 2017

Tyson publicly states the use of human antibiotics in their birds contributes to the creation of superbacteria and limits the effectiveness of human antibiotics. Funny they can do this but anything you buy says on the label it is illegal to use for any other purpose, otherwise called off-label use.

They of course will take their sweet time around 2017 transitioning to a different type of antibiotics. Meanwhile this fails to address another issue, how they pre-emptively give healthy bird medication for the sick conditions they keep the birds in, crowded and unnatural. Not to mention the GMO roundup/glyphosate feed, a chemical used for cleaning pipes.  After raising my own birds free-range on almost an acre with organic feed and feeding on bugs in the organic garden I could not eat commercial chicken any longer. The article notes:

As a contractor for Perdue, farmer Craig Watts states in the video that he is contractually obligated to ensure that the chickens destined for your dinner table do not receive any form of sunlight or fresh air. In addition, the chickens are forced to lay not only on their own bed of feces, but feces that has accumulated for around the past year. This is because the floors are not cleaned between each import of new chickens, leading to thick layers of feces, other bodily fluids, limbs, and other items accumulating to the point where the underbellies of the chickens are worn red and their feathers are rubbed clean off.
Is it any wonder that around 97% of all chicken products have been found to be tainted with harmful bacteria?

The practices of Tyson ended up helping me end up going vegan.

1,000 year old antibiotic remedy outperforms pharmaceutical garbage

A 9th century Anglo-Saxon remedy "wiped out most of the MRSA cells after just 24 hours and was more efficient than modern antibiotics." The ingredients include wine, onion, garlic and salts from a cows stomach. Since the recipe is not patentable it will be interesting to see if this gets used.

Birth control runoff makes male fish produce eggs

A Canadian Study revealed the introduction of estrogen in a minnow population led to near extinction by interfering with reproduction. Pretty much the male fish underwent a sex change when exposed. This allows the level of insects in the environment to increase, a distortion in nature which could contribute to an increase in disease.

Our effect on natural ecological cycles is devastating simply from pharmaceuticals excreted in urine and feces that pass into the environment after sewage treatment.

Shrimp with traces of Prozac in them have been found recklessly swimming towards bright rather than dark areas making them easy prey.

Another study in the Puget Sound revealed traces of "Cocaine, Spices, Hormones Found in Drinking Water." Pretty much we are not doing nature any favors.

Abilify prescription drug grossed $6.5 billion, nobody knows how it works

Americans spent $6.5 billion on Abilify (aripiprazole) in in one year, "more than all other major antidepressants combined." It is prescribed for a wide variety of perceived illnesses and nobody knows how it works! The United States Product Insert (USPI) says Abilify's mechanism of action of aripiprazole… is unknown.” The FDA also says how it works is "unknown." A page on the drugs website even says "Keep in mind that the exact way ABILIFY works has not been fully determined." Keep it in mind while it manipulates your brain chemistry unknowingly. Abilify has nonetheless received FDA approval for treatment of a variety of disorders as seen in this timeline below. A clever advertising campaign seems responsible for sustaining the success of this medication. Perhaps the producers and marketers of this drug should take comedian Bill Hicks advice and kill themselves.

Drugs like this tackle side-effects of our unnatural society and fail to deal with root causes. No wonder worker bees can end up cubi-killing themselves one way or another. Medications like Abilify are used to rewire natural neurofeedback that life is a shell of existence as brick in the wall of white collar slavery. This overrides the side-effects of society and ends up passing them on in the form of micro-machine type in form of font and narrative of these drugs. Don't think too hard about it. The pharmaceutical market will help us evolve into not questioning reality rather than reflecting. This polluted and insane society manifests itself in our mind and bodies. Here is another great bit by comic Doug Stanhope on prescription medications.

Short animation featuring a section from Doug Stanhope's 2007 DVD 'no refunds' talking about today's (prescribed) drug culture from the medicalizing of previously normal behaviours/emotions and the need for people to fit in.