ISIS bans Nike brand, sounds like Arabic for "sex"

Instead of the sweatshop dependent practices of the brand Nike being a problem, or part of the Great Satan of the USA, Nike is banned by ISIS for sounding too much like "sex" in Arabic. This article states, "The punishments for both seller and buyer of Nike goods range from a small fine to imprisonment or whipping." I am sure I could write all day about unusual aspects of ISIS and strange rules they have.

Here is another article from RT, ISIS have fetish for kinky underwear, Viagra, and ‘abnormal sex’ – report. There are all sorts of rules against clothing that shows anything considered sexual or even using words believed to be sexually explicit.

Any organization is bound to be corrupt. It would be legit to see a movement in the Arabic world to recognize the aspect of Quran that is unfortunately all too ignored. 30:32 "(And do not be) of those who have divided their Deen and become sects, every faction rejoicing in what it has." This article discussing that part of the Quran says "the verses that call for unity often get ignored and are replaced with scholarly opinions that promote sectarianism." I believe there is similar ignored guidance in the origins of Christianity.

ISIS fighters perverted, brutal & abnormal sex

A renowned citizen journalism project released a report revealing "A large section of ISIS members suffer from sexual anomalies and brutal instinctive desire for sex, except for sadism and perversion."

ISIS fighters offer large dowries for local brides in areas they control and threaten kidnapping if refused. They appear to be into Viagra too.There are also stories of rape, slave auction, women having acid thrown in the face for not covering up properly.

Pretty scary stuff. Good thing we radicalized Islam to fight communism decades ago. It is really working out great, eh?

[RT] ISIS have fetish for kinky underwear, Viagra, and ‘abnormal sex’ – report

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