Pearl Necklace Research Gets Messy

While trying to find information on the origins of the term "pearl necklace" I came across a hilarious couple Wikipedia articles.

The Pearl Necklace article for Wikipedia struck me as odd immediately for having a picture of a girl sporting what appeared to be a legit semen-based pearl necklace. First Wikipedia article I have seen with jizz on it. Below that image there is another, clearly to educate readers, showing an artists rendition of "mammary intercourse", or tit-fucking in layman's terms.

Wikipedia Pearl Necklace

When I scrolled down and saw the "See also" section of the article refers to bukkake, cum shot and facial with one I have not heard of, gokkun. Once more I see another funny artists rendition with this girl drinking a tall glass of semen, eyes closed and the stuff dripping down her chin.

Wikipedia Gokkun

The article explains the semen is collected or drank from containers like baking pans, I guess since they are easier to aim into. Furthermore, gokkun is a a Japanese onomatopoeia for gulping. Try it, doesn't sound much like gulping. Maybe more so when done with a mouth full of jizz.