Recent comedy set, how solutions are problematic: healthcare to foreign policy

Starting to apply to some festivals as a performer. Here is one of the videos I am sharing. Enjoy and share please!

This is a good short set I performed at the Eureka Inn's Palm Lounge for the Open Mikey hosted by Nando Molina. I've got plenty more dark political stuff that could be paired with this stuff and hope to get a good set of that recorded someday.

Catalan autonomy referendum vote blocked by questions of legality

The autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain has been prevented from voting for independence by constitutional courts questioning the legality of the vote. This process could take years and certainly takes momentum from the independence movement. Autonomous bio-regions are the solution I think to the globalist house of cards interdependent construct, in my opinion.

Chinese police state backs down on pro-democracy protests

Protestors told not to "throw their lives away" seeking democracy in protests. A central motivator for this movement is the method used in the run-up to the 2017 elections in China, which was given sovereignty from the British in 1997. There are many who have had favorable conditions under British rule who seek to maintain their positions in society and may fear any semblance of democracy. Recent escalations by riot gear ready police led to 41 or more injuries and 78 arrests. Batons, pepper spray and tear gas have been used against the protestors who have used umbrellas, masks and goggles to counter these police state tactics. We will see if they get actual democracy, not de-mock-racy. This is a Chinese manifestation of the occupy movement, based in a financial district in Hong Kong.

The protestors, defying censorship protocols of internet control, use an app created for communications at festivals, called FireChat. Definitely a legit networking form in a system collapse or network failure scenario, where information can be communicated and shared on a local network independent of mandatory NSA/FCC control schemes.

Hong Kong says riot police have pulled back as protesters jam city streets

Mesh networks and FireChat: How Hong Kong protestors are keeping communications alive

"F**k it, I quit" Alaska reporter to sell cannabis, fight for legalization

No need for unemployment, she will be selling stony ammunition for the cause!

I hear a lot of rationalization that is against legalization since it would ruin prices. That is the same insane logic that created this drug war. For greedy special interests of Hearst's timber, Rockefeller's oil and other markets threatened by hemp and medicinal cannabis. This twisted war waged against a plant is well documented in this Woody Harrelson narrated documentary Grass.

‘F**k it, I quit’ – Alaska TV reporter resigns on air to fight for marijuana legalization (VIDEO) [RT]

Here is the documentary Grass:

Vid: Guy tells invading cops to fuck off and wins

This guy shouldn't have even opened the door for these crazy pigs. Without a warrant they want to search this guys home. I've had cops try to search me just for smoking tobacco out of a hookah at my community college once. Never consent, it is like letting a vampire into the front door, and ultimately your life. Hopefully people wake up and raise the standard for law enforcement to serve the community rather than badger and probe it. They do have badges and ride around in black and white vehicles. Very badger like in a way.

Never Open the Door for the cops, but if you do, never consent to warrantless searches.

Breaking the tip of the iceberg

Hey there all sorts of friends, allies, former roommates, former classmates, online acquaintances and so on,

I just wanted to share my work with this new website,, my showcase/portfolio of all my activities, past and present. Lately I have been dabbling in stand-up comedy and hope to break some new ground with some hip-hop soon. Recently I performed my first booked gig in the SF bay area, you can find the video on the front page and more under the comedy link.

My mission is to break down the things I've learned, however grim, but try to do so humorously and end on a positive note every time. Fair warning, my work uses crude humor and it was hard to sift through hundreds of contacts to select everyone in this list, so you've been warned. I may not have always been the most personable or had the best approach, but nobody knows what to do about the mountains of terrible things we are bludgeoned with by the lamestream media every day. You can't please everyone either. So here is my latest approach.

Upcoming ASAP will be some hip-hop remixes performed live, hopefully some produced music videos, complete summaries of my legal trials and tribulations (with sourcing and evidence) and some blogging, even podcasts breaking down an alternative media perspective. I have done some extensive research into the radical truths, the root origins of issues, rather than focus on leaves and twigs.

Please join me in this journey and please send any suggestions my way. Wish me luck in waging and online multimedia blitzkrieg in the interests of justice and to undermine tyranny of the mind, soul and body. The site will expand from here and benefits from any involvement you'd like to have in it.

Best of luck to you in life,

Jason Robo