Recent comedy set, how solutions are problematic: healthcare to foreign policy

Starting to apply to some festivals as a performer. Here is one of the videos I am sharing. Enjoy and share please!

This is a good short set I performed at the Eureka Inn's Palm Lounge for the Open Mikey hosted by Nando Molina. I've got plenty more dark political stuff that could be paired with this stuff and hope to get a good set of that recorded someday.

Cops crew member killed in crossfire over airsoft pistol

This guys is being said to have paid the "ultimate price" for the show. That is not how I would put it. It isn't like he jumped on a live grenade to save people. He was a crew member on a show that makes money while portraying a Crocodile Hunter-ish police state that can endlessly keep itself busy with the multi-generationally PTSD'd poor and minorities of this country. Not to mention all the ad revenues they make. 

So they of course are "investigating" which will take forever. The police claim they had no choice but to act as they did. I wish they released video from possible surveillance cameras. From what is known a suspected robber in a dinner, who turns out to have an airsoft pistol, practically harmless, got into a gun battle with police. It is likely that they shot at this guy first, and when he made a run for it the cops crew member was caught in the crossfire and shot in a part of his vest that was unprotected. Clearly if the guy had an airsoft gun he couldn't have posed a real threat and couldn't have opened fire on police. In war, Rules of Engagement and the Geneva Convention dictate not just shooting unarmed people or without being engaged first. Here is a link to documented instances of violations of Rules of Engagement.

My next post will be about a suspect the police opened fire on killing an innocent bystander. Also, I have a previous post Police Kill Man and Bystander over BB Gun.

'Cops' filming goes bad: Crew member gunned down by Omaha police

Here is one of my favorite bits on the show Cops by Bill Hicks:

Breaking the tip of the iceberg

Hey there all sorts of friends, allies, former roommates, former classmates, online acquaintances and so on,

I just wanted to share my work with this new website,, my showcase/portfolio of all my activities, past and present. Lately I have been dabbling in stand-up comedy and hope to break some new ground with some hip-hop soon. Recently I performed my first booked gig in the SF bay area, you can find the video on the front page and more under the comedy link.

My mission is to break down the things I've learned, however grim, but try to do so humorously and end on a positive note every time. Fair warning, my work uses crude humor and it was hard to sift through hundreds of contacts to select everyone in this list, so you've been warned. I may not have always been the most personable or had the best approach, but nobody knows what to do about the mountains of terrible things we are bludgeoned with by the lamestream media every day. You can't please everyone either. So here is my latest approach.

Upcoming ASAP will be some hip-hop remixes performed live, hopefully some produced music videos, complete summaries of my legal trials and tribulations (with sourcing and evidence) and some blogging, even podcasts breaking down an alternative media perspective. I have done some extensive research into the radical truths, the root origins of issues, rather than focus on leaves and twigs.

Please join me in this journey and please send any suggestions my way. Wish me luck in waging and online multimedia blitzkrieg in the interests of justice and to undermine tyranny of the mind, soul and body. The site will expand from here and benefits from any involvement you'd like to have in it.

Best of luck to you in life,

Jason Robo