30 ways to not be penalized for failing to sign up for health insurance

Though there is a penalty for the slave-like "Affordable Healthcare Act" requirement to sign up for health insurance, 20 million people qualify for an exemption. Here is a direct excerpt from the article on ducking the bailout for the health insurance industry:

  • Affordability . The lowest-priced health insurance available would cost more than 8 percent of your household income.
  • Medical expenses . You had medical expenses you couldn’t afford to pay in the last 24 months, which resulted in significant debt.
  • Cancellation . You had insurance that was canceled, and the other plans were unaffordable.
  • Utility shut-off . You received a notice for shut-off from a utility company.
  • Difficulty signing up . You had issues signing up through your state or federal marketplace.

There are several other reasons you may be exempt from the tax penalty. According to Intuit:

Exemptions are also available because of homelessness, eviction, foreclosure, bankruptcy, the death of a close family member or an experience with domestic violence. Members of Native American tribes also are not required to sign up for health insurance.

IRS "loses" more e-mails during probe on scandal

The IRS has lost e-mails that would be evidence of wrong-doing in an investigation of denying tax-exempt status to groups for political reasons. Initially a computer crash was blamed for losing e-mails of Lois Lerner, a manager in the IRS. Destruction of evidence is a crime but I doubt anything will happen. Scum get to stay and the top of the pond and rarely does anyone scratch beneath the surface of these pools of lies. 

'This Pattern Must Stop': IRS Loses More Emails Related to Probes [FOX]