California water reductions for drought not applicable for fracking/oil industry

Basically while the state dries up, ordinary citizens are supposed to reduce water usage while the people who use and pollute the most are allowed to continue business as usual. Score another insanity point for the powers that be, instead of innovation and solutions they cut corners to allow unsustainable practices to persist.

Flint, Michigan: City Water Toxic

Funny enough building codes likely require residents to have city water to make them "habitable." Flint Michigan water is contaminated with trihalomethanes: "[L]inked to increased rates of cancer, kidney and liver failure and adverse birth outcomes. It later emerged that the city knew since the previous May that the THM levels were high — in some places, twice the maximum allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency." Insane enough for you? Not even close, the water costs eight times the national average!

The water has also been found contaminated by bacteria like E. Coli. The water is known to look cloudy or tea like. Residents report rashes, hair loss and diarrhea. One woman cries when she removes her hair from the drain of her shower, certainly not tears of joy. One woman went to the hospital with chronic diarrhea and the doctor asked "have you been drinking the Flint water?"

Turns out the THM toxicity problem is from ramping up the amount of chlorine added to water from the Flint River to combat the bacterial contamination. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. There was a boil your water advisory and people were still getting sick. Even a General Motors plant has stopped using it for fear the water would corrode car engines! For nearly a year the water has stopped using Detroit's system which draws from Lake Huron.

Turns out, like other financially devastated areas in the Rust Belt, Flint is under the control of an "emergency manager" who has authority over the city. Despite a 7-1 vote by the city council to stop using the Flint River for water the emergency manager Jerry Ambrose called the decision "incomprehensible" and vows they will continue to use the water still! “This is a prime example of what dictatorship looks like,” said Nayyirah Shariff, a member of the Flint Democracy Defense League Good luck to the poor folks of Flint. Sounds like Jerry Ambrose is managing the emergency by maintaining it.

CA Gov. Brown drought strategy: throw money at it

In another clear example of the crap leadership in government, Governor Jerry Brown announced a billion dollars will be used to deal with the drought while doing nothing to fix the problem. The majority of these funds, $700 billion, will pay farm workers to not do farm work. Some funding will go towards enforcement actions leading to micromanaging of peoples shower time, prohibiting water offered in restaurants unless asked and monitoring lawn watering. I think lawns should be illegal, at least before a slew of other ridiculous laws that exist. A victory garden type strategy would do some good and teach people self sufficiency. No actual solutions are in the works in the bureaucracy like making a more efficient farming method than monocrops like permaculture, desalination plants for coastal cities or justice for the aquifers poisoned by fracking. Instead we will be inefficiently importing carrots from China and whatnot to subsidize out failures in leadership and water management.

Birth control runoff makes male fish produce eggs

A Canadian Study revealed the introduction of estrogen in a minnow population led to near extinction by interfering with reproduction. Pretty much the male fish underwent a sex change when exposed. This allows the level of insects in the environment to increase, a distortion in nature which could contribute to an increase in disease.

Our effect on natural ecological cycles is devastating simply from pharmaceuticals excreted in urine and feces that pass into the environment after sewage treatment.

Shrimp with traces of Prozac in them have been found recklessly swimming towards bright rather than dark areas making them easy prey.

Another study in the Puget Sound revealed traces of "Cocaine, Spices, Hormones Found in Drinking Water." Pretty much we are not doing nature any favors.

San Diego favors recycling wastewater for the tap

I think a more novel idea for the $2.5 billion they are spending on this would be a revolutionary technology for desalination. Survey feedback shifted from one in four in 2005 to three out of four after the drought that has decimated the non-existent water supply, 85% of which has to be imported from the Colorado River and Northern California. The newly discovered acceptance overcomes what the industry termed the "Yuck Factor" in peoples aversion to drinking recycled sewage. I find the damming and exporting of water more disturbing due to the decimating effect on the fish and indigenous tribes who once thrived on these rivers. The Colorado doesn't even make it to its river delta or the sea.

"The plan calls to initially recycle 15 million gallons by 2023 and 83 million gallons a day by 2035, about one-third of the city's water supply." Well that is all fine and dandy but what will San Diego's population be by 2035!? Sounds pretty dragass and halfass to me. Also Los Angeles has been boosting its recycling of wastewater, which started in 2008, from 70 to 100 million gallons.

Lots of water is likely wasted water some schmucks lawn, for irrigation and then doubly so for the livestock being fed grains already grown. Click here to view USG water charts for usage in the US. Meanwhile many believe that future wars will be fought over water, considered to be blue gold.

 Dry San Diego to look to sewers as water source

"Waters of the US" EPA definition threatens red tape and regulation

Oklahoma call bullshit on EPA ruling regulation of dry ditches under "Clean Water Act". Clearly this is an act, since US waterways are as polluted as human bloodstreams are. See Dirty Water: Can US Clean Up Its Act? Testing two decades prior showed over a third of waters in poor condition, now "a startling 55 percent of monitored waterways in the United States are impaired by pollution — meaning they are not clean enough for healthy recreation, public drinking water and subsistence fishing."

As for the human bloodstream, from the study Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns, the Environmental Working Group found "287 chemicals in the group. The umbilical cord blood of these 10 children, collected by Red Cross after the cord was cut, harbored pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage." Furthermore "180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests." As people suffer from the tenuous and complex adverse reactions to these chemicals, they will vastly use pharmaceuticals which will further pollute waterways. From The Effects of Pharmaceutical Pollution on Water Quality. "Even when waste water makes it to sewage treatment facilities, they aren't equipped to remove pharmaceuticals. As a result, our streams and rivers are exposed to a cocktail of synthetic compounds, from stimulants and antibiotics to analgesics and antihistamines."

No mater how many "Acts" and "Motions" are passed, actual actions in the end, speak louder than words legislated or debated upon by politicians. Despite this rampant destruction of the environment the "act" of making water clean will thrust bureaucratic difficulty on people, those at the bottom will be adversely affected most.  Like a mafia putting red tape everywhere, insert Chicago mobster accent here, "we gotta control where this red tape goes, so nothing happens to ya, see?"

Confusion Fueling Oklahoma Outcry Over EPA’s ‘Waters of the United States’ Rule

UK fracking report heavily redacted

Seems in the UK they are fracking under peoples houses. That sounds scary as hell since fracking has been linked to water pollution, sinkholes and earthquakes among other geologic disturbances. Some would say the report looks like a super-secret military document more than a report for the public. Here is the original article I found from the UK Daily Mail "Fracking report 'heavily redacted'".

Undrinkable drinking water in America

Epic failures to provide safe drinking water to people have resulted from the business as usual of destroying the natural environment. The NYT article, "The Threats to Our Drinking Water" cites two major incidents that compromised a large sector of peoples water supplies.

The Elk River in Charleston, West Virginia, was polluted massively from 7,500 gallons of a coal processing chemical called 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM). Ironically the company responsible is called Freedom Industries, which granted 300,000 people across nine counties freedom from clean drinking water. 

The other case in Toledo, Ohio caused 400,000 peoples drinking water to be declared unsafe due to the toxic blue-green algal blooms in Lake Erie resulting from fertilizer runoff. Microcystin, the toxin secreted by Microcystis Aeruginosa is a cyanotoxin, not required to be testing for by federal water quality regulations. It 

These blooms are a major problem where I reside in northern California where low river flows from water diversion exacerbates the blooms from local agriculture runoff. As a result public notices have to be posted warning that children, the elderly and pets can die from exposure to this water. Oh Joy. And dams along the rivers actually created large stagnant pools where these blooms flourish. It particularly sucks for the indigenous people here who conduct rituals in the rivers that their cultures revolve around. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Among cyanotoxins are some of the most powerful natural poisons known, including poisons which can cause rapid death by respiratory failure.[1] The toxins include potent neurotoxinshepatotoxinscytotoxins, and endotoxins. Recreational exposure to cyanobacteria can result in gastro-intestinal and hay fever symptoms or pruritic skin rashes.[2] Exposure to the cyanobacteria neurotoxin BMAA may be an environmental cause of neurodegenerative diseases such as ALSParkinson's Disease andAlzheimer's Disease.[3] There is also an interest in the military potential of biological neurotoxins such as cyanotoxins, which "have gained increasing significance as potential candidates for weaponization."[4]

As if it is bad enough there is fluoride put into two-thirds of the countries water supply.