Apewoman whu outran horses had non-human DNA

Proof that other humanoids existed into recent history has been found by the University of Oxford. "She was captured by a local merchant in the 1850s who hired a group of hunters to subdue and shackle her in the mountainous terrain," says the article from the UK Daily Mail.

She was "tamed" by a nobleman and went on to have offspring with humans. The discovery was made after testing these descendents DNA.

Makes me think of this really cool BBC Horizon special "Mystery of the Human Hobbit." A pygmy style human evolved after a catastrophic volcanic eruption isolated other species as well. Really cool stuff. Goes to show the mainstream ideas of human history are rather close-minded and narcissistic.

Leaked Pentagon vid: viruses to modify behaviour

The speaker says they narrowed fanaticism theoretically to a gene that can be modified with a virus inserted into a vaccine thus making the target a "normal" person. Basically GMOing people to make them compliant with regime change. I think there is a vast array of factors contributing to so-called fanaticism in the countries we are occupying or in ideological opposition to corporate and government agendas.  Not to mention the applications here in the US. I wonder if this technology would effect sports fans, AKA fanatics.

The plan is to spread the virus by introducing it to the respiratory system.

One participant asks the speaker if he should have a CT scan with him to help evaluate whether or not to put a bullet in the head of a suspect. Go to 1:25 in the video to skip the Anonymous intro.

Neverwet, pretty cool stuff

The put a cell phone that was dipped in this stuff into a cup of water and it still works. What a trip. I bet what this stuff does to the environment is about at magical as the phone is, mining, processing, etc...

Rust-Oleum NeverWet, available at Home Depot, is a superhydrophobic spray-on coating that repels water, mud, ice and other liquids. DETAILS: http://bit.ly/103PQPL