Human Rights Watch and others urge ban on autonomous killer robots

The group Human Rights Watch has co-founded the Campaign to stop Killer Robots before they can be developed and has released a report to the UN. Harvard Law School also helped with the report that states  "Under existing laws, computer programmers, manufacturers and military commanders would all escape liability for deaths caused by such machines." After what happened to Bradley Manning with the Collateral Murder video release and the absence of justice that followed murdering journalists and civilians, imagine how difficult justice will be with this possible reality?

Even scarier is this thing the EATR, Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot. It feeds itself!? They say it is plant-based biomass feeding but how hard of a jump would it be to eat flesh. It already could and they list chicken fat as a food source. If it has self-preservation as a higher priority... Holy hell if this thing could replicate itself.

If you have seen the movie Screamers based on Philip K Dick's work then perhaps that is a clear glimpse into our increasingly dystopian skynettish future.

Naval AI drone gunboats to operate within a year

I really want to watch the Robin Williams movie Toys now. A previous article says they want a 7,500 aerial drone army in US skies. Reminds me also of the trippy possibilities of hacking from the Ghost in the Shell series.