Abilify prescription drug grossed $6.5 billion, nobody knows how it works

Americans spent $6.5 billion on Abilify (aripiprazole) in in one year, "more than all other major antidepressants combined." It is prescribed for a wide variety of perceived illnesses and nobody knows how it works! The United States Product Insert (USPI) says Abilify's mechanism of action of aripiprazole… is unknown.” The FDA also says how it works is "unknown." A page on the drugs website even says "Keep in mind that the exact way ABILIFY works has not been fully determined." Keep it in mind while it manipulates your brain chemistry unknowingly. Abilify has nonetheless received FDA approval for treatment of a variety of disorders as seen in this timeline below. A clever advertising campaign seems responsible for sustaining the success of this medication. Perhaps the producers and marketers of this drug should take comedian Bill Hicks advice and kill themselves.

Drugs like this tackle side-effects of our unnatural society and fail to deal with root causes. No wonder worker bees can end up cubi-killing themselves one way or another. Medications like Abilify are used to rewire natural neurofeedback that life is a shell of existence as brick in the wall of white collar slavery. This overrides the side-effects of society and ends up passing them on in the form of micro-machine type in form of font and narrative of these drugs. Don't think too hard about it. The pharmaceutical market will help us evolve into not questioning reality rather than reflecting. This polluted and insane society manifests itself in our mind and bodies. Here is another great bit by comic Doug Stanhope on prescription medications.

Short animation featuring a section from Doug Stanhope's 2007 DVD 'no refunds' talking about today's (prescribed) drug culture from the medicalizing of previously normal behaviours/emotions and the need for people to fit in.