Tyson chickens to be given animal antibiotics instead of human ones by 2017

Tyson publicly states the use of human antibiotics in their birds contributes to the creation of superbacteria and limits the effectiveness of human antibiotics. Funny they can do this but anything you buy says on the label it is illegal to use for any other purpose, otherwise called off-label use.

They of course will take their sweet time around 2017 transitioning to a different type of antibiotics. Meanwhile this fails to address another issue, how they pre-emptively give healthy bird medication for the sick conditions they keep the birds in, crowded and unnatural. Not to mention the GMO roundup/glyphosate feed, a chemical used for cleaning pipes.  After raising my own birds free-range on almost an acre with organic feed and feeding on bugs in the organic garden I could not eat commercial chicken any longer. The article notes:

As a contractor for Perdue, farmer Craig Watts states in the video that he is contractually obligated to ensure that the chickens destined for your dinner table do not receive any form of sunlight or fresh air. In addition, the chickens are forced to lay not only on their own bed of feces, but feces that has accumulated for around the past year. This is because the floors are not cleaned between each import of new chickens, leading to thick layers of feces, other bodily fluids, limbs, and other items accumulating to the point where the underbellies of the chickens are worn red and their feathers are rubbed clean off.
Is it any wonder that around 97% of all chicken products have been found to be tainted with harmful bacteria?

The practices of Tyson ended up helping me end up going vegan.

Germany: Poultry industry forced to use non-GMO feed

After the company ZDG broke from a 14-year practice of non-GMO feed due to a feed shortage consumer demand reversed the decision. Europeans are far more critical and conscious about what goes into their food. Meanwhile trade agreements threaten to force European markets to accept import of chlorine soaked conventional GMO fed chicken. Apparently the chlorine is to help prevent infectious disease. Nevermind the chlorine side-effects... 

Germany's top supermarkets force the poultry industry to use safe, non-GMO feed again