Chinese police state backs down on pro-democracy protests

Protestors told not to "throw their lives away" seeking democracy in protests. A central motivator for this movement is the method used in the run-up to the 2017 elections in China, which was given sovereignty from the British in 1997. There are many who have had favorable conditions under British rule who seek to maintain their positions in society and may fear any semblance of democracy. Recent escalations by riot gear ready police led to 41 or more injuries and 78 arrests. Batons, pepper spray and tear gas have been used against the protestors who have used umbrellas, masks and goggles to counter these police state tactics. We will see if they get actual democracy, not de-mock-racy. This is a Chinese manifestation of the occupy movement, based in a financial district in Hong Kong.

The protestors, defying censorship protocols of internet control, use an app created for communications at festivals, called FireChat. Definitely a legit networking form in a system collapse or network failure scenario, where information can be communicated and shared on a local network independent of mandatory NSA/FCC control schemes.

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