Portugal cuts drug addiction in half with community not criminalization

I always thought it paradoxical to make it legal to abuse drug abusers with prison sentences. Nobody believes that "correctional" facilities are correcting anything. Quite the opposite. Can you imagine doing well after being abducted and housed in a place where compassion is considered a weakness surrounded by the mentally ill and psychopaths?

"We feared that Portugal could turn into a paradise for drug users,” said Dr Jaoa Goulao, Portugal’s national co-ordinator on drugs and drug addiction speaking on their decriminalization policy. Portugal is one of 25 countries that have taken this approach. Community is built to reinforce alternatives to an addiction lifestyle.

The undesirable behavior of addicts generally includes illegal activities regardless of drug law. For instance robbery, thievery, violence and so on. I also recall seeing an article noting that addiction is quite rare statistically in drug users and is highly influenced by social inequity. Unfortunately I cannot find the link at this time but will try and update this post if I come across it.

Pretty goofy though that there are Jesus freaks who look at drug users as crazy and less than human. Is that what Jesus would do? Also there is a professor at Israel's Hebrew University suggesting Moses was high on Ayahuasca.