People fix road themselves, bureaucracy to unfix it

This is, in my opinion, what people need to be doing. Do it yourself! I've seen mountain roads taken care of by locals. Huge trees that fell in a storm cut up and pulled out of the way with 4x4 vehicles. The idea of bureaucrats having the nerve to undo what they should have done is staggeringly insane! Would these same morons put the tree back in the way?

The road looked like hell, kicked up a ton of dust, massive potholes filled with water that damaged cars and the local "authorities" claimed it was not their responsibility after many years of complaints. ‘The council have always said it is an unadopted road and not their responsibility." Now they used taxpayer money to undermine their work.

We put speed bumps on our road because it wasn't repaired... now council wants them dug up! Officials warn anyone who tries to stop workmen will be arrested