Iatrogenic illness

Hospitals cuts off more than just the tip

In a horrifying example of hospitals royally fucking up, a man had his manhood removed instead of the circumcision he asked for. It happened at the Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Alabama. On top of losing his dick this poor bastard had to spend more time in the hospital for the recovery, or eternal lack-thereof, which cost more money. Imagine having to be in the "care" of pricks who cut off your prick? Sounds like a shitty nightmare to me. Suing is the only poor excuse for a remedy this man and his wife have, but money can't buy love, or a new penis. Just a strap-on budget. Unless of course they can do something like the extreme version of a human part being grown in the South Park episode Eek, A Penis! It was actually done for an ear-like part [video] in reality. Can they make a dick clone in a petri dish?

Amputation instead of circumcision? Man sues hospital after surgery [RT]

Apparently this happened before in Kentucky and the hospital told the guy he had cancer and had to act. You can wake a guy up for shits sake. And save that part, do not just throw it in the biowaste. Unreal. His lawsuit lost initially and was appealed but I cannot find the outcome.

Don't ever go into surgery by yourself if you have to have a procedure make sure you have somebody to watch your back, or be a pecker checker in the case of routine circumcision.