FBI, stops another terror plot it created, good job!

For anyone paying attention to post-911 terrorist plot thwarting record of the US government instead of the wide array of ball handling statistics in the world of sports, the government has been setting up various terror threats and patting itself on the back for "stopping" them. In the latest example of this an FBI agent was providing terrorist-type literature, namely The Anarchist Cookbook Al-Qaeda's magazine "Inspire" and to its patsies. In response to the heinous plot, California Senator Diane Feinstein suggested this proves we need to censor the internet more. This is in spite of her previous attempts back as far as 1997 to get The Anarchist Cookbook banned though it is protected free speech, and was rebutted by the Department of Justice. She has nothing to say apparently about how this plot was constructed by the FBI itself, just jumps on the opportunity to be a tyrant. Feinstein's husband Frank N. has not released a public statement to my knowledge. The article points out Senator Feinstein is incidentally informing people of the existence of TAC just like the FBI agent did!