LAPD face $20 million suit for shooting unarmed teen in the back

Shoot first, lie about questions they have to answer later. In this case a group of friend were hanging out in an alley on their regular pre-schoolday routine when a couple hot shot cops from the homicide unit shot 15-year old Jamar Nicholson in the back.

The police report claims Jamar was pointing a gun at people. He did have a toy pistol but his friends claim he was not pointing it, it was at his side and has an orange tip that would have been clearly visible. Nicholson is lucky to be alive and now has PTSD with a not-so-wonderful outlook on police. I would bet the demeanor from a distance of a dude pointing a gun at people is not like a few buddies hanging out.

The officers were in dress clothes and the kids thought they were Mormons. Nope, it was the gang-homicide unit, the gang of police nearly causing homicides.